Sea of Thieves How to Customize Character, Change Hair Color

Character customization in Sea of Thieves is a bit of a process. As with many different games, you can’t just change your appearance whenever you want. You have to go ashore to one of the outposts, and visit a specific store to buy different facial hair, clothes, and so on. Then, you have to put it on at a specific chest. So, lets see how to customize your character in Sea of Thieves.

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Sea of Thieves How to Customize Character, Change Hair Color
Sea of Thieves How to Customize Character, Change Hair Color

How to Change Character Appearance in Sea of Thieves?

You can change your appearance by purchasing different vanity items from the General Clothing store, and then go to the Clothing Chest to customize your character. This includes your hair color, your facial hair, your clothes, and so on. You can deck your pirate out however you want, provided you have the gold to buy it all. Hair color, facial hair and the like included. You can’t change your looks on the fly; you have to use the chest to change everything.

how to customize character sea of thieves

There’s just one problem with this. It seems that the option is still not available in the game, or that there’s some problem with it at the time of writing. People have been approaching the chest and trying to put stuff on, but it just doesn’t work for them.

This is, of course, fairly unfortunate. If you can’t manage to change your character how you want, you’re stuck with whatever you originally drew in the beginning. For that matter, some players are kinda upset that the game doesn’t offer character creation at the very start. Instead, you have to keep resetting the pirate select screen until you find a combo that you like even remotely. Really, a lot of this could have been circumvented fairly easily with a character creation menu. But, it is what it is. As puzzling as it is, it’s a fairly minor gripe. I guess they wanted to make you work for it.

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