Sea of Thieves Plunder Valley Riddle Solutions & Locations

Plunder Valley is an island in Sea of Thieves that has some interesting riddles to solve. A lot of them include finding a specific painting on the island, from where you can dig out your treasure. In this guide, we’ll show you how to solve Plunder Valley riddles in Sea of Thieves, and where to find the hidden treasures.

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Sea of Thieves Plunder Valley Riddle Solutions
Sea of Thieves Plunder Valley Riddle Solutions & Locations

Where to Find Plunder Valley in Sea of Thieves?

This line of the riddle reads “On Plunder Valley since long ago, a heavy chest with gold aglow.” The Island of Plunder Valley is located at the border of quadrants H-19 and H-20, in the Ancient Isles waters. It is just west from the famous Chicken and Snake Island. From a distance, you’ll spot its two high peaks, and its rich flora that covers almost the entire island. If you approach the island from the east, you can spot a sunken ship on the eastern shore. Just like with all other sunken ships, there are seagulls above it, marking its location.

Canyon Pass Butterfly

This is the solution of the riddle line that goes: “Find the painted butterfly in Canyon Pass, this riddle bewitches, 8 paces North-by-North East, will your shovel strike box of riches?” Go to the eastern side of Plunder Valley island, where the big ship wreckage is located next to the beach. From here, find a sandy path that leads uphill. This path has boulders on both sides, marking it as a canyon pass. As we follow this route, the sand gives way to foliage and grass. At one point, on your left, you’ll spot another sandy area, with some skeletons there. If you look at the painting on the rock here, you’ll notice the red-black Canyon Pass Butterfly.

Mark of the Blood Red Hand on the North Coast

Here’s how to solve the riddle passage that reads: “The chest is close at the Mark of the Blood Red Hand on the North coast, but you’re not done, dig 6 paces South East grab it and run.” From the start, we know which part of the island we need to go to. The northern coast mentioned in the riddle is not the northern beach, as some of you might’ve thought. It is a good start, though. From the northern beach, you should go into the cave on the right (the one that has a red triangle and three black lines on its entrance). Follow the path to the left, up the hill. As you go uphill, you should spot a larger rock on your left. On its side, the one turned away from the water, is the Mark of the Blood Red Hand.

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