Rats Sea of Thieves How to Use and Disable Rats

The question of how to use and disable rats in Sea of Thieves has been popping up relatively frequently now that the critters have been added to the game. Players want to know what they can do with rats, or what they’re even for, and those on the more squeamish side would very much like to turn them off. Well, we’re gonna cover both of those points in our Rats Sea of Thieves How to Use and Disable Rats guide.

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rats sea of thieves how to use and disable rats
Rats Sea of Thieves How to Use and Disable Rats

How to Use Rats in Sea of Thieves

You can only use rats in Sea of Thieves as a sort of alarm system that’s there to let you know that your ship is sinking. By default, they hang out in the lower decks, as rats tend to do. However, you know that saying about rats and sinking ships? Well, Sea of Thieves makes full use of this. If your ship is filling up with water, the rats will migrate to the upper decks. So, if you see them scurrying up there, or god forbid on the top deck, it’s time to grab a bucket, and fast. Beyond this, the rats have no other role. They’re not pets, and you can’t interact with them in any way. This might be a bit of an issue for those of you that don’t do well with rodents. Luckily, there is a solution for this.

How to Disable Rats on Your Ship Sea of Thieves

To disable rats on your ship in Sea of Thieves, go into the Game Options menu and then navigate into Settings. Once there, scroll down to Graphics Settings. In this submenu, you’ll find the option called “Disable Rats on your ship.” Switch it to “On,” and you won’t have to see the critters anymore. It seems that this preference is player-based, meaning that, if you turn off rats for yourself, other less squeamish crewmates will still see them. That way, you don’t get grossed out, but you still get to reap the benefits of the rats. That one benefit being a sign of your ship sinking, as we’ve already explained.

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