Sea of Thieves Season 6 Server Maintenance & Downtime

Are Sea of Thieves servers down? Sea of Thieves Season 6 is finally here, and it comes with an abundance of content. We know from the 2022 Preview Event that Season 6 will bring new ways to experience the life of a pirate, such as Adventures, Mysteries and Sea Forts. Then there will be a shiny new Plunder Pass, improvements, bug fixes and so on. In order to implement new features, developers Rare will need to bring Sea of Thieves offline before the update. Check out the Sea of Thieves Season 6 server maintenance schedule.

Is Sea of Thieves offline?

Sea of Thieves Server Status

UPDATE: The Sea of Thieves servers will be going down on Thursday, May 12th, 2022, at 10 AM BST / 11 AM CEST / 2 AM Pacific Time / 5 am Eastern Time. The server’s maintenance will last around an hour, as the developers perform some “essential tinkering,” as they’ve put it. Expect servers to return online around 12 PM CET / 11 AM BST / 3 AM PT / 6 AM ET.

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ORIGINAL STORY: At the time of writing, Sea of Thieves servers are up and running but things will be different before the release of the Season 6 update. Season 6 is set to be released on March 10th, and prior to its start, Sea of Thieves servers will go down. Rare has confirmed that Sea of Thieves servers will be offline from approximately 10 AM GMT / 11 AM CET / 5 AM ET / 2 AM PT on Thursday, March 10th.

The developers didn’t specify for how long will servers be offline. That’s nothing out of the ordinary, as Rare never provides an estimation of the downtime. But usually, when there are seasonal updates, the downtime can last anywhere between an hour and three hours. So, you can expect the game to become available again at around 1 PM ET / 2 PM CET / 8 AM ET / 5 AM PT. And this is a worst-case scenario. Sea of Thieves servers will probably go back online even earlier.

If you don’t want to constantly turn the game on and off to check if the servers are up, use the official server status page. When servers go back up, you’ll see a green checkmark, which means you can jump right into the game and enjoy Sea of Thieves Season 6 content.

Sea of Thieves Server Status
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