Sea of Thieves Season 9 Release Date & Time

The release date and time of Sea of Thieves Season 9 is almost upon us, and I know a lot of you scurvy-ridden dogs want to know when the new season starts. Well, that’s what we’ll be talking about in this guide, along with some of the new content you can look forward to. Well, let’s dive straight into it!

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sea of thieves season 9 release date & time
Sea of Thieves Season 9 Release Date & Time

When Does Sea of Thieves Season 9 Start

UPDATE: According to Twitter, maintenance is going to begin at 10 AM UTC on March 16th and last until “late afternoon UK time”. That’s all the official info we have at the moment. Original text follows.

Season 9 of Sea of Thieves starts on March 16th, but the exact release date and time are still unknown. The previous season began at 9 AM Eastern Time, so we can assume that the new one will kick off at the same time. That translates to 6 AM Pacific Time / 2 PM Central European Time / 1 PM British Time. Again, we don’t know for certain, but it’s the most likely launch time. We’ll be sure to update the guide with more official information once (and if) it comes out. There’s a lot the update brings, so let’s cover that a bit.

First off, there are many quality-of-life changes. For example, the Chest of Fortune will now be locked in fort vaults. Bringing them back will not only grant you a ton of gold, but also unlock new Commendations which reward you with cosmetic items for your ship. After the Sea of Thieves Season 9 release date and time roll around, Reefer and Reefer’s Bounty chest beacons will stay even after they’re picked up, meaning that other players will have a better chance of stealing them from you.

Emergent events, such as Ghost Ships, the Megalodon and the Kraken have all been re-balanced. Also, loot lost from ships that sink in the Devil’s Shroud will appear in a safer location at the very edge of the Shroud. Seagulls will now congregate above sunken ships, making them easier to spot. There’s a lot more, including new cosmetics, activities, etc. Check out the official video for a full breakdown.

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