Sea of Thieves Skeleton Fort - How to Beat Captain & Capture Stronghold

Skull forts are a special kind of activity in Sea of Thieves. They’re like raids – you and your crew will have to face off against a horde of skeletons. After you’ve cleared enough waves, the captain will appear. Defeat him, and you’ll get the key that opens the vault – a tiny room with a fair bit of treasure. The challenges seems to be a bit much for some, so we’ve decided to share some Sea of Thieves skeleton fort tips, to help you beat the boss and get the rewards.

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sea of thieves skull fort kill captain capture stronghold
Sea of Thieves Skeleton Fort – How to Beat Captain & Capture Stronghold

Skull fort tips

You’ll notice the forts from a distance – there’s always a giant skull-shaped cloud above it. The skeletons will try to sink you as you approach – they have cannons, so be careful. If you manage to approach the side of the island with no cannons, you can use your own to kill the enemies. One crew member can jump down and kite the skeletons around, while the others use ship cannons to destroy them.

If your entire crew is wiped (or you die playing solo), the current wave will reset. Don’t try to trade your lives for theirs. When you see a skeleton with a ranged weapon, try to zig-zag or place an obstacle between the two of you. Always keep an eye on your ammo and banana count – replenish them before you’re out. Once you’ve cleared out the fort and opened up the vault, be careful – anyone can come along and snatch the treasure.

How to kill green skeletons?

Green skeletons (also known as floral skeletons) have plants growing out of their ribcages. You need to keep these overgrown skellies away from water, as they heal when standing in it. This includes the puddles in the fort as well as the surrounding sea.

How to defeat shadow skeletons?

Shadow skeletons (sometimes referred to as black skeletons) are completely indistinguishable from regular skeletons during the day. They’re only an issue if you attack during the night. You can avoid them by waiting for the sun to rise, but if you insist on fighting them, make sure you bring a lantern. They’re invincible in the dark, but light stuns them and makes them vulnerable.

How to beat gold skeletons?

Gold skeletons are like the reverse green skeletons. You’ll need to either kite them into the water, or splash them with a bucked if you want to kill them. Once they’re wet, they’ll slow down and become susceptible to ranged damage. Some report swords not working on them, even when they’re wet, so we recommend sticking to guns.

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