Sekiro How to Do Damage to Armored Warrior

Armored Warrior in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is an enemy you will face in the game, on the covered bridge in Senpou Temple. The Sekiro Armored Warrior is a pretty difficult enemy to defeat, because it doesn’t seem like you can do any physical damage to him. So, some people might end up having trouble with this mini boss. That being the case, welcome to our Sekiro How to Do Damage to Armored Warrior guide to explain how to kill the warrior on the Senpou Temple bridge.

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Sekiro How to Do Damage to Armored Warrior
Sekiro How to Do Damage to Armored Warrior

How to Damage Armored Warrior in Sekiro?

In order to damage the Armored Warrior in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you’ll have to break through his posture and deal death blows to him. I say damage, but really, it should be “damage”. This is because it seems like the only way to actually kill the S.O.B. is to use a death blow and hurl him off the bridge and to his doom. This “boss” is going to be waiting for you on the covered bridge in Senpou Temple, by the way.

You can count this as cheesing or exploiting or whatever, but this seems to be the one way to dispatch the Sekiro Armored Warrior. Because, as it turns out, you can’t do any physical damage to him. So really, the only way to “do damage” to this foe is to send him careening onto the jagged rocks below. And the only thing that can do that is dealing a death blow when the Armored Warrior is positioned just right.

How to Kill Sekiro Armored Warrior in Senpou Temple?

To kill the Senpou Temple Armored Warrior in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you have to use a death blow in such a way that he falls off the bridge to his death, as we’ve mentioned in the previous section. Here’s basically how to do it; yes, it will be easier said than done. First, try to stay on the Armored Warrior’s side at all times. The only exception to that is when he bends over. Get the hell away when he does, because that means he’s going to unleash a series of lightning-fast attacks that can kill you very easily.

So, staying on his side, chip away at the Armored Warrior and keep filling up his Posture meter. When it’s near full, that’s when you have to lead him so that his back is to the edge, whether near a wall or on the balcony. Attack again, and execute the Death Blow. If you’ve done everything properly, the Death Blow is going to push the Armored Warrior into the chasm, and you’ll be free to proceed on your way.

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