Sekiro Memory Mechanic - How to Increase Attack Power

Memories in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are key items that you can collect, and using them in a certain way increases your Attack Power stat. As you might imagine, raising your Attack power with the Sekiro Memory mechanic is something you very much want to do. That said, we present you our Sekiro Memory Mechanic – How to Increase Attack Power guide. In it, we’ll show you how the Memory mechanic works in Sekiro, as well as how to get Memories and how to use them to boost your Attack Power stat.

Sekiro Memory Mechanic - How to Increase Attack Power
Sekiro Memory Mechanic – How to Increase Attack Power

How to Use Memory Mechanic in Sekiro?

To use the Memory mechanic in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you first have to obtain a Memory. You get these from the game’s major bosses, after you defeat them. The game will let you know when you first defeat one of those bosses. It will also tell you what you have to do with it – go to a Sculptor’s Idol. When you approach it with a Memory, you’ll have the Confront Memory option. So, that’s exactly what you should select.

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Now, this sounds pretty daunting, doesn’t it? Bosses in Sekiro are rough enough; not many people will want to face them again. Well, fortunately, you won’t have to. When you confront a memory, all you have to do is follow the button prompts, and you will be just fine. No fighting the boss again. In the grand scheme of Sekiro’s difficulty, confronting memories is a cakewalk. Once you complete the challenge successfully, you’ll get a Remnant item as a reward, as well as a permanent increase in your Attack Power stat. One point of Attack Power per confronted memory; fair’s fair.

The one other stat in Sekiro that you can increase is Vitality. You do this by collecting Prayer Beads and fashioning them into Prayer Necklaces, which also increase your Posture. For more on those, check out our Sekiro Prayer Bead Locations guide. Or, if something else in the game is bothering you, you can head over to our other Sekiro guides, including Buddha Statue Offering Locations and a number of others.

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