Sekiro Mods Let You Fight Shrek & Thomas the Tank Engine

The modding community is hard at work bringing the usual meme fodder into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. If you want to test your samurai steel against Shrek, well, now you can. Or, if you want to hear what the screams of a stabbed Thomas the Tank Engine would sound like while you try to sneak away, you can do that too.

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Sekiro Mods Let You Fight Shrek & Thomas the Tank Engine
Sekiro Mods Let You Fight Shrek & Thomas the Tank Engine

Goofy mods are something I hold very dear; the more overtly serious the game, the funnier I find them. One such mod is for Sekiro, made by modders Katalash and Dropoff. It turns the Chained Ogre into Shrek. It is so beautifully dumb, that I can’t help but adore it. As you can see in this tweet, Shrek is absolutely gonna end you if given half the chance. Hey, the guy did tell you to get out of his swamp, but you just wouldn’t listen. And yes, I absolutely know that using Shrek like this is getting pretty tired for some. Not for me.

Besides, if Shrek isn’t enough, or just doesn’t do it for you, then how about turning the Great Serpent into Thomas the Tank Engine? This mod, also by Katalash, goes even further than the Shrek mod, because it actually adds Thomas’s little toots into the mix. It ends up being a truly bone-chilling experience, as you can witness in the video embedded below. The dissonant sounds it makes when it spots you, let alone if you manage to stab the Snake Engine and it thrashes around in pain, are going to follow me in my dreams tonight.

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