The Outcasts

The Outcasts is one of the main story missions, in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, you are offered to do after helping Ratbag and following the Gollum. Mission is part of Hirgon’s Story Arc.
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Mission is comprised of two parts, first of which makes you gather herbs three times, while the second part requires you to use those herbs to poison five barrels of Orc grog.

In-game Quest text

Hirgon has a plan to draw the Black Captain’s attention to Udun, but he is going to need more men to accomplish it. Infiltrate the Uruk Stronghold and free the Outcasts.
Objective 1: 0/3 Collect the Herbs for the poison

You need to collect three Hithlas plants. There are some Orc standing around. You can choose to kill them or pick up the herbs stealthily. Hithlas is not like other herbs you pickup for restoring health and survivalist missions! It does not have an icon. There are three locations that were always the same for me when doing the mission. Check out the screenshots bellow for details.

Gosu Tip: You can go into wraith mode and herbs will glow brightly, which makes them easier to find and pick up.Objective 2: 0/2 Collect the Herbs for the poison

After you follow Hirgon some more and sneak through the Orc camp you will have to pick up two more herbs. These herbs are basically guarded by a Caragor. I suggest you go and pick up the Wraith skill that lets you mount Cragor (go into your Abilities page and you can spend one ability point on Caragor riding skill). If you are able to mount them you can provoke the beast, hop up top of nearby barrels and mount the beast from above. Otherwise be ready for a fight.Objective 3: 0/3 Collect the Herbs for the poison

This is the last batch of herbs you need to collect. Just go into wraith mode and pick them up. You might as well check out some collectibles on the way (shown on the map).Objective 4: 0/5 Place Poison in Grog Barrels without being detected.
Bonus Objective: 0/5 Stealth Kill Uruks

Your last task is to infiltrate into Uruk’s Hollow and poison their grog. Along the way you can stealth kill five Uruks for extra Mirian. There are plenty of Uruks to kill as you move towards the grog barrels. Once you reach the barrels please be careful because as soon as you put poison into the grog there will be many Uruks approaching the barrel to drink. You must immediately jump into hiding or they will detect you, which will reset the mission.

Quest Rewards

XP: +600
Bonus Objective Reward: +50 Mirrian
Mission unlocks the Poison ability.
You also unlock Eryn Lore entry.

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