Rough Landing Bridge Crossing Puzzle Solution - Shadow of Tomb Raider

The bridge-crossing puzzle is in the Rough Landing Story Mission in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It requires you to use the game’s basic mechanics to raise a bridge. The solution to the Shadow of the Tomb Raider bridge crossing puzzle involves pulling cranks, using arrows to connect rope points, the works. The Rough Landing bridge puzzle in the Peruvian Jungle area is relatively simple to solve, but it does require some speed and coordination, so it might cause some players trouble. With that in mind, here’s our guide on how to complete bridge crossing puzzle in Shadow of the Tomb Raider Rough Landing main mission.

Rough Landing Bridge Crossing Puzzle Solution - Shadow of Tomb Raider
Rough Landing Bridge Crossing Puzzle Solution – Shadow of Tomb Raider

How to Solve Bridge Crossing Puzzle in Peruvian Jungle Rough Landing Main Mission?

To solve the bridge crossing puzzle in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Rough Landing main mission, in the Peruvian jungle, you first have to climb the ladder right across the gigantic stone wheel. There’s a llama figurine relic next to the wheel as well, so you might as well pick it up while you’re there. In fact, we encourage you to explore this entire small area before solving the puzzle, because there’s a bunch of little bits and bobs to collect.

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Anyway, once you climb the ladder, pull the crank. That’s the first step of solving the bridge puzzle in the Rough Landing mission. Pulling the crank will release water, which is necessary for the next step. Drop down to the huge stone wheel, and your friend Jonah will help you push it. This will direct the water into a bucket, which will then drop, which in turn drop a huge log with a rope point on it. One can’t help but wonder who built this bridge this way. How is this in any way useful?

Rough Landing Shadow of the Tomb Raider Story Mission – How to Raise the Bridge?

The log with the rope point you just dropped is going to stay down there for a little while, but time is of the essence. You see, the bucket is leaking, so it can’t stay down there. So, head to the lower area as fast as you can. The log will be right in front of you. If you look across the river, you’ll see that the part of the bridge you’re trying to raise also has a rope point. It’s clear what you have to do.

Quickly use your arrows to tether the rope point on the log and the one on the bridge across the river. Jonah will let go of the stone wheel, causing the log to go up. This will, in turn, raise the bridge, allowing you to cross the river. It might take you more than one try, but the bridge crossing puzzle in the Rough Landing mission is fairly easy to solve.

Once again for the cheap seats in the back, the step-by-step solution to the bridge puzzle in the Rough Landing mission:

  1. Climb the ladder and turn the crank on top.
  2. Hop down and push the large stone wheel.
  3. Run down to the lower level.
  4. Tie the bridge across the river to the log that dropped.

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