Skull and Bones Apex Hippo Locations and How to Defeat it

If you want to the best Apex Hippo locations in Skull and Bones and how to defeat it, you’ve come to the right place. Like its name suggests, the Apex Hippo is a lot tougher than the regular Hippopotamus, and it also spawns only in specific locations. You are going to need to find and defeat the Apex Hippo in order to complete the “Smuggle Leather” quest. To help you complete this quest, we are going to show you the spots where you can encounter the Apex Hippo, as well as how to beat it so that you can get the Apex Hippo Leather.

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Skull and Bones Apex Hippo Locations and How to Defeat it
Skull and Bones Apex Hippo Locations and How to Defeat it

Skull and Bones Apex Hippo Locations

You can see where you need to go to find the Apex Hippo down in our screenshot gallery. Note that you are going to need the Dhow ship in order to be able to sail into its habitat. Other ships can’t get through to it. This is the starting boat that is specifically geared towards hunting such wildlife in shallow waters, along rivers and coastlines in the game.

How to Defeat Apex Hippo in Skull and Bones

Note that you will need to be at least Level 8 for this quest. Also, you will have to considerably upgrade your Hunting Spear before being able to take on the Apex Hippo. Otherwise, we wouldn’t recommend doing this if your Hunting Spear is still the basic version. Once you encounter the Apex Hippo, use your (hopefully, upgraded) Hunting Spear to take it down. Then, after it is down, interact with its remains to get the Apex Hippo Hide. Then, refine the Apex Hippo Hide at the Refinery to turn it into Apex Hippo Leather. Besides the “Smuggle Leather” quest, this Apex Hippo Leather can also be used as a crafting resource.

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