Skull and Bones Crashing & Freezing Fix

If Skull and Bones constantly crashes during the open beta, you should know that this is currently a fairly common issue. The Skull and Bones open beta is now live, as a final opportunity for players to test the game, and for the developers to catch bugs and issues ahead of the release. In this guide, we provide potential solutions for Skull and Bones crashing and freezing issues.

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Skull and Bones Crashing & Freezing Fix
Skull and Bones Crashing & Freezing Fix

How to Fix Skull and Bones Crashing and Freezing Issues

Before we jump to the solution, a fair warning. The game is currently still in the open beta. That means that it is not a final product. Hence, some issues are to be expected, The goal of the beta is for the developers to identify these technical issues and try to fix them before the release. Thus, even if you can’t fixing constant crashes in Skull and Bones right now, hopefully the developers will stamp them out by the time the game fully releases. With that said, here’s what you can do in the meantime to minimize this problems.

Update GPU drivers (PC)

If you suffering crashes or freezes while playing Skull and Bones, this may be caused by GPU issues. A possible reason why you are experiencing these issues is that your drivers are not up to date, which can compromise your performance and stability. To solve this, you need to update your drivers either through your GPU software or by downloading them from the links below:

Disable 3rd Party Apps

If you have many apps running in the background that you don’t use, they can take up your RAM and lower your gaming performance. This can cause Skull and Bones to crash unexpectedly. So, before you start Skull and Bones, close all the apps that you don’t need for playing. This will make more memory available and avoid any problems or conflicts which can cause Skull and Bones crashing or freezing prolems. In general, this is a smart thing to do for any game you play.

Turn off Overlays While Playing Skull and Bones

If you want to stream, chat, monitor your system, or enhance your UI for certain games, you might use some apps that have in-game overlays. These are very handy and cool features, but sometimes they can interfere with the game’s performance. So, if you experience frequent crashes while playing Skull and Bones, you should disable all overlays, such as Discord overlay, Nvidia or AMD overlay, etc.

Verify Skull and Bones Files Integrity to Prevent Crashing Problems

A number of players have reported the Skull and Bones crashing and freezing problems were caused by corrupt or missing files. To prevent this, you will need to verify the integrity of game files. Depending on your platform, here’s how to do it:

Ubisoft Connect

  • Start Ubisoft Connect.
  • Head to the Games tab.
  • Select Skull and Bones.
  • Chose “Properties” in the menu.
  • Under Local files choose Verify files.
  • Let Ubisoft Connect do its job.
  • If prompted, select Repair.

Epic Game Store

  • Open the EGS launcher.
  • Find Skull and Bones in your library.
  • Click on the three dots icon.
  • Select “Manage” in the drop-down menu.
  • Click the “VERIFY” button.
  • Allow it to verify files.

Run Skull and Bones Exe as Administrator

There have been numerous issues with Skull and Bones since its launch of the beta, and one of the solutions that seem to fix many of them is running the game as an administrator. Therefore, if you suffer from Skull and Bones constantly crashing issues, try this:

  • Head to the game’s installation location on your PC.
  • Next, right-click on the launcher file.
  • From the drop-down menu, under “Compatibility”, check these two options: “Disable Fullscreen Optimizations” and “Run as administrator”.
  • Restart your launcher and launch the game again.
  • Have fun with Skull and Bones!

Turn off Overclocking GPU/CPU to Fix Skull and Bones Crashing Issues

Some players have experienced frequent crashes while playing Skull and Bones on PCs with overclocked components. This may be due to the game’s compatibility issues with OC settings. You can try to turn off any OC and check if that improves the game’s stability.

Check if your RAM is leaking

RAM leaking may cause countless gaming problems, including low FPS, freezes, crashes, and stuttering. Download and install Intelligent Standby List Cleaner (ISLC), and set it to 1024 min/max, 0,5 Custom Timer Resolution – 1000/500 Polling Rate.

Additionally, to ensure that your Windows 10/11 is running smoothly, you should always keep it updated. You can check for updates by clicking on the start menu icon and choosing “Settings”. Then, go to “Update and Security” and click on “Check for updates”. If there are any available updates, let the system download and install them automatically.

Another option that might help you fix Skull and Bones crashing is to uninstall and reinstall the game. This can eliminate any issues caused by damaged or outdated files, especially after new updates are released. We hope that this guide has helped you solve the problem. If you still encounter crashes, you can contact support and describe the issue in detail.

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