How to Harvest Acacia in Skull and Bones

Are you stumped about how to harvest Acacia in Skull and Bones? You are going to need a lot of this resource in order to complete Tools of the Trade – one of the initial quests in the game. This quest requires that you acquire Acacia Wood and then deliver it, so that the Shipwright can construct your first ship for you. But where can you find this resource and how can you get it once you do? Here’s everything you need to know about how this process works in Skull and Bones.

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How to Harvest Acacia in Skull and Bones
How to Harvest Acacia in Skull and Bones

How to Get Acacia in Skull and Bones

The first thing that you need to do here is to obtain the Saw. You need this to be able to cut down the Acacia trees and you can craft it at the Carpenter. Once you have that tool, go to one of the spots on your map that shows that there are Acacia trees there. Now, once you get there, you may find that there are no more Acacia trees left – only tree stumps. This is because other players have gotten there before you and chopped them down. These harvest nodes can take a while to respawn – more than 10 minutes. You should take a look around the area, as there are usually other Acacia harvest nodes nearby. If you don’t find any, you will need to either wait for them to respawn, or sail around until you’ve found another spot that has them.

Once you have discovered an Acacia Tree that hasn’t been chopped down, you will get a prompt to harvest it. Pressing this will begin a mini game in which you need to make sure to press the button while you are in the green zone for maximum effect. You will still harvest resources even if you press it while on the yellow, but the green gets you the most resources – so you should aim for that. After that, loot the harvested Acacia and be on your merry way.

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