Skull and Bones Multiplayer Size - How Many Players in a Party?

How big is the multiplayer size in Skull and Bones? After almost a decade of troubled development, Skull and Bones is finally approaching its release day. Over the last decade, the game has gone through several reboots and changes in direction. In its final iteration, you can play solo or with other players. Read on as we explain how many players you can have a party, and what’s the maximum number of players on Skull and Bones servers.

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Skull and Bones Multiplayer Size - How Many Players in a Party?
Skull and Bones Multiplayer Size – How Many Players in a Party?

Multiplayer Size in Skull and Bones – How Many Players in a Party?

So, what’s the multiplayer size in Skull and Bones? When it comes to server size, the game is able to host servers with up to 20 players. These servers represent a shared, consistent open world for players on it that changes and evolves with the players’ actions. These servers are designed for both PvP and PvE activities. You can work completely solo, even on multiplayer words. However, this portion of the game is best experienced when playing with other players. The PvP portion of the game is called “Disputed Waters”, and here, players can partake in 1v1 battles or team up with other players and roam the open seas together.

When it comes to party size, the maximum number in a lobby is 3. This means that you can invite up to two other players to be with you together at a party. To do this, head to the “Social” tab in-game and invite friends from your friend list. However, keep in mind that only players from the same server can team up. If there are already 20 players on a server, you will not be able to invite people who are not from that server to join your party in that specific world. To invite a cross-platform player, you need to use their Ubisoft account instead of their platform-specific username. Finally, we should also note that in the future, Ubisoft might expand lobbies to be for up to five players.

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