Soulmask Taming Animals Guide

Taming animals in Soulmask is a fairly important mechanic in the game. Like many other survival games, you can tame animals in order to produce food and other resources, or as mounts to make moving around the map easier. But how do you do it? Turns out, it’s not as straightforward as you might want it to be. In this guide, we are going to give you the broad strokes. I trust you can figure it out for yourselves from there. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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soulmask taming animals guide
Soulmask Taming Animals Guide

How to Tame Animals in Soulmask

The first step to taming animals in Soulmask is to build a pen. Well, some animals like parrots require you build a perch for them, but the majority of the others need pens: turkeys, capybaras, tapirs, llamas, alpacas, you get the idea. They do require a lot of resources, but it is what it is. Next, you have to build a trap. Turkeys, parrots and monkeys can be caught with the small trap. In fact, with dum-dums like turkeys, you can even drop the trap right on their heads sometimes. But in general, you want to place the trap somewhere near the animal you want to catch. Not too close, because they can’t see or hear you, lest they get spooked.

The next step to taming animals in Soulmask is to put some food into the trap. Turkeys and parrots like corn flour and corn, for example. Capybaras like pumpkins and fruit in general, as do alpacas, apparently. Also corn and potatoes. Panthers like raw meat. Just use common sense and think what the animal you’re trying to get would like. Corn flour won’t attract a carnivorous big cat, etc. Also, capybaras, llamas, alpacas, panthers etc require medium traps. Once you set up the right trap and food, move away and hide. The animal can’t catch sight of you, or they’ll run away. Wait for your prey to walk into the trap and get shut in. Pick them up, disassemble or repair the trap, then take your new friend to the right pen.

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