South Park Fractured But Whole Character Sheet Locations

Character Sheets in South Park Fractured But Whole are a collectible you can find. They give you extra information about the superhero characters. Each of them has a character sheet of their own. The sheets can be found all across the game: some you get through missions, others you have to look for. Our guide on character sheet locations in South Park Fractured But Whole will show you how and where to get them.

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South Park Fractured But Whole Character Sheet Locations
South Park Fractured But Whole Character Sheet Locations
NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. Will add more character sheet locations as we discover them.

Where to Find Character Sheets in Fractured But Whole?

The Human Kite character sheet is located in Kyle’s bedroom. You’ll be visiting it during the Alternate Universes Collide mission. After you defeat the Human Kite From An Alternate Universe boss, you’ll be free to explore the room. Check inside the nightstand, and you’ll find the Human Kite Character Sheet.

where to find human kite character sheet locationYou can find the Toolshed Character Sheet well before you have the chance to include him in your list of allies. Go inside Stan’s house and head upstairs. Enter Stan’s room (first door on the right, with his name on it). Look inside the nightstand next to the bed, and you’ll find the character sheet for Toolshed.

toolshed character sheet location where to findIn order to obtain the Captain Diabetes character sheet, all you have to do is follow the game’s story. During the mission The Bowels of the Beast, you’ll get attacked by the Red Wine Drunk Randy boss. Mr. Marsh has had way too much to drink, so you have to calm him down by beating him into submission. Once you defeat the boss, you’ll get the character sheet for Captain Diabetes.

how to get captain diabetes character sheet

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