Spider-Man PS4 Where to Find Preorder Bonuses - Suits & Skill Points

Preorder bonuses for Spider-Man on the PS4 include different Spider Suits and free skill points. Once you’ve downloaded them, they will be in your game. However, people have been wondering how to unlock the Spider-Man preorder bonuses, because the game doesn’t give you immediate access to the stuff. So, with that in mind, here’s our guide on how to get Spider-Man suits & skill point preorder bonuses.

Spider-Man Where to Find Preorder Bonuses - Suit & Skill Points
Spider-Man Where to Find Preorder Bonuses – Suit & Skill Points

How to Unlock Preorder Bonus Suits & Skill Points in Spider-Man PS4

In order to access the preorder bonus Spidey-Suit pack, you’re going to have to play a little through the game. The Skill Points, on the other hand, you’re going to get access to them as soon as you complete the intro section. So, in essence, when you enter the code and download the bonus content, they will be in your game, you just have to get to them. Some spoilers ahead, so be careful going forward. Basically, just keep playing, and you’ll get access to all your preorder bonus skill points and suits. If you want the details, on the other hand, keep on reading. Let’s get into it.

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The Skill Points, as we’ve mentioned already, only become available after you complete the tutorial section and defeat Fisk, aka Kingpin. After that whole part is over, you can then access the character sheet, and your five extra skill points. Easy as it gets; you just have to be patient.

As far as the Suits go, you’re going to have to play through the story missions even further. After about three missions or so, during the mission “Something Old, Something New”, you’ll have to repair your suit. After a cutscene that I can’t really describe without extreme spoilers, the game is going to open the Suit menu to you. In there, you’ll find all of your preorder bonus suits, including Iron Spider from Infinity War, punk Spider-man, and many other fun costumes.

You input the code but still no Spider-man pre-order bonus

Some players got their code from various vendors (gamespot, best buy or game UK) and when they input it in the Playstation store they still don’t have their extra skill points and suits available. There is a chance some vendors do not offer pre-order bonuses. When I pre-ordered the game I did it on the playstation store. I was offered several downloads. One was the game itself, but I also got the Pre-Order bonus download offered as well as the Spider-man Playstation Theme. Both of those are small 1MB downloads. If you did not get those offered for download after inputting the code you should go to your library. Go to the Purchased section. Find your Marvel’s Spider-man game and click X while it’s selected. Go all the way down to the Playstation Store option in the bottom left of the screen and click X on it. You should see all the available add-ons and downloads you have for the game. If there is a Pre-Order Bonus download available under the Add-ons section click on it and click on the install arrow. After that restart your game, or better yet, turn off your PS4 completely and restart it. You should have your pre-order bonuses available.

Some users also reported that the following fixes helped. They re-entered the code and tthey were able to download the pre-order bonuses and install them. Other option was to restart the PS4 and the bonuses loaded up in the game at last. We hope some of these help.

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  1. P
    Parker Osborn

    Where the hell do we put in the code

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      You go to the Playstation store and scroll all the way down. There should be an input code option at the very bottom section.

      1. J

        I put my code in for the dlc but nothing shows up for download and I don’t have the preorder suits or skill points. Any idea why?

      2. J

        I pre ordered this game through Best Buy and I haven’t received the suits or upgrade points. Any idea why???

        1. B

          Yea I haven’t received the suits at all either, did i get ripped off for buying the game early or??? I completed the missions and a lil past that too… so 🙁 Do I get my suits..

  2. S

    I’ve put the code in, it says its installed. But I have not got any of the suits or the 5 points. Any ideas whats up?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Did you install just the game or the little Pre-Order bonus download as well?

  3. R

    I’ve put in the code and downloaded the suits and all that and when I got to the part where I can access the suits it’s still not showing up 🙁 and I started two separate games. Wassup with that?

  4. A

    I put in the code after playing a bit into the game. Once I put them in I didn’t see any new suits. Didn’t see any extra skill points. Please help

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      I’ve updated the article with additional steps you need to take to have the pre-order bonus available in the game. Please let me know if this helped.

  5. D

    I started the game before I put my pre-order code in. Now that I’ve put It in, I dont see my skills points yet. I’m already past beating Fisk, but not to the point of getting a new suit yet. I want to make sure i dont have to start over.

    What should I do?

  6. D

    I never really noticed another code on my gamestop receipt just the one on the bottom i wouldve noticed as well and i wouldve been told still never got my preorder gear hopefully i still get the DLC but I am a bit worried about it hate to spend more money after i already got it

    1. D

      Update: Apparently Gamestop doesnt exactly promise any additional codes for digital which is bullshit I preordered my damn game i shouldve gotten the whole damn shit i was promised if i preorder it. Bloody hell i tried Gamestop and sony both were fucking pointless i was never told about any of this and im pissed i just want my damn money’s worth. I already unlocked everything in game from pure progress no bloody advantages from preorder i just want my damn city never sleeps DLCs. Wonder if i get the preorder stuff from them and im just missing something.Ill ask and find out if i still get my preorders afterall and not have 2 spend more money i’ll update once i find out

      1. D

        Update2: i figured i was missing something i had 2 grab the back up codes the main code diddnt unlock everything it shouldve im good now

  7. T

    I entered in the codes and it worked. But the next day when I came back the skill points were gone. I still have the suita but not the skill points. I don’t know what happened. Is there anyone I can call? Both the game and my PS4 are updated, I followed your steps and it still doesn’t appear anymore.

  8. H
    Hamza Mahmood

    where do i unlock my deluxe edition bonuses

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