Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Beta Announced, Coming in October

EA have announced that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have a multiplayer beta. It’s coming this October, and it’s going to be open for all to jump in. Of course, those who preorder will get early access to it, which is kinda funny, since they’re the only ones who don’t need convincing.

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star wars battlefront 2 multiplayer beta announced
SW Battlefront 2 multiplayer beta

Prepurchasers will be getting the beta on October 4th, while the common rable will have to wait until October 6th. Both will be kicked out on October 9th. The beta will be available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Console users will have to have an active PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play.

But what’s inside, you ask? Well, two maps, basically. The first one is a Galactic Assault which will play out in Theed, on the planet Naboo. The Republic will be represented by clone troopers, while the Separatists will send in battle droids. The map will be set in the streets around the royal palace, and you’ll get to play as some of your “favorite heroes”. Jar Jar Binks, hopefully.

The other one is more interesting, since it involves piloting. It’s a Starfighter Assault map, in which you’ll get to sit behind the wheel of a spaceship. There’s no more info on it, but the publisher promises details will be unveiled during Gamescom.

And that’s pretty much it. At least it’s free. Unless you preorder, of course. In which case, it’s not. But you’ll also get a Yoda Epic Lightsaber Mastery Card, which is either an in-game skill or a debit card (it’s probably the former). Ooh, but “supplies” are limited, it seems, so you better HURRY HURRY HURRY and preorder now. Choose paying for a game that you have no guarantee will turn out fine. Choose trusting people who’ve already pulled a fast one on you not so long ago. Choose perpetuating an outdated business practice that has no place in the digital world. Choose life.

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