Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tips & Tricks - How to Earn More Battle Points

Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta is now out for those that pre-ordered the game. The game has a lot of similarities with other shooters, in terms of improving your gameplay. What makes Star Wars Battlefront 2 more unique are the class skills, their place on the field, weapon mods, cards, and more. Our Star Wars Battlefront 2 tips and tricks guide gives you some basic info, and we hope it’ll help you improve your performance.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tips and Tricks How to Earn More Battle PointsStar Wars Battlefront 2 is an action shooter, where good aiming plays one of the most important roles. This skill can be practiced and improved upon with the many elements that the core game offers. Here are our tips:

Customize the controls to suit your needs

One of the first things you can do to make your experience more enjoyable is to play with the controls settings. Star Wars 2 Battlefront offers a whole tab dedicated to the controls. In this tab, you can invert the look, change the zoom mode (hold and toggle), zoom sensitivity and many others, the sensitivity of the controller sticks, button layouts, and more. Getting to know the controls and setting them so that they suit you should be done right away. Play with them until you find what is best for you.

Explore the maps in detail

Get to know the maps. This is the most common step in improving your gameplay by a lot. Knowing from where enemies are coming, the weak spots, the map’s topography, will be invaluable.

Get to know all the classes

Learn the classes and their role on the battlefield. There is an arcade mode that can help you with this, as well. It lets you battle against a wave of AI enemies, letting you get to know the characters. Go through all the classes, and see what they do and how they behave. Choosing the right class, as the situation on the battlefield changes, can help you out tremendously. For example, if you notice that the next conflict will take place somewhere in the open, choosing the specialist can make all the difference.

Experiment with booster cards

Preparing for the battle includes opening crates that may contain boosting cards. Equipping these cards can upgrade the combat effectiveness of your soldier. It can also change some of the skills, making it less predictable. Be sure to check them out from time to time, open them up, and equip any acquired ones.

Spend your battle points wisely

Performing well on the field gives you more battle points that you can spend on reinforcements. Battle points are earned by defeating enemies, completing objectives, or supporting your team. For example, with the heavy class, if you just use your shield, and soak damage without shooting, you’ll get points. These reinforcements are extremely powerful if used right. Be sure to go through them, in order to get to know them. This is something you should strive towards, as they can be a game changer. The hero reinforcements you can summon like this are the most expensive, and should not be used lightly. Once you use them, be sure to watch out for the enemy reinforcements, as well.

Use the scoreboard as a learning tool

There is a scoreboard that shows how well everyone is doing. Use it to learn from your mistakes, or from other people performing better. It is a great overview of when you can expect to see enemies reinforcements, as well.

Experiment with weapon mods

Classes are not the only things that can be upgraded through the cards. The weapons have mods, which can upgrade their viability by improving their handling.

Always play the objective

Each map has objectives. Completing them and paying attention to them may help you predict the enemy’s movement, gaining more battle points, and more. Do not get caught in mindless killing and forget about them, as they are a great source of battle points.

Try out various vehicles

Competing in Starfighter Assault mode can be quite the different experience. Getting familiar with the controls here is even more valuable. The space combat is vastly different from fighting on the ground. While you can mindlessly run and gun down enemies on planets, this might not be the case in the space combat. Completing the objectives, staying close to the friendly units, and choosing the suitable vehicle is key here. Do not be afraid to try them all, as you can predict the enemy movement better if you know what they are capable of. Headphones are extremely useful here, as they can give you much-needed information about your surroundings.

Remember to have fun

Do not get discouraged if you are sitting at the bottom of the scoreboard, like me. The key is to have fun, even if you feel like there is no space for improvement, and you are just a sitting duck. Stay positive, you’ll get better with practice.
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