SW Jedi Fallen Order Bogling Companion Pet Location on Mantis

Bogling companion is a pet you can have in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. It’s a small creature from Bogano, and when you find it, it’ll become a stowaway on your ship. Once it’s there, it’ll appear from time to time in different places. A lot of folks are wondering where to find the bogling companion, both on Bogano and on Mantis, and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you in our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order bogling companion pet location guide.

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star wars jedi fallen order bogling companion pet location bogano mantis
SW Jedi Fallen Order Bogling Companion Pet Location on Mantis

How to get bogling companion?

You can get the bogling pet from Bogano, but only after you’ve left the planet and returned at least once. When you land, leave the ship and follow the path on the right. Go down the ramp and into the cave below the landing pad. You’ll see a small creature scurry through the broken metal door. Break down the door and interact with it, and it’ll join your crew.

Where to find bogling companion on Mantis spaceship?

Once you’ve met the bogling, it will go to the Mantis and appear from time to time in various places. It’s pretty timid, so you might not even notice it when it does appear. We’ve only spotted it in two places so far, but it might show up in more. One was the vent above the flower bed next to the terrarium, and the other was below the holotable.

If we’re being honest, the game is being too generous by calling it a companion. It offers no form of companionship whatsoever. You can’t pet it, you can’t feed it, you can’t even look at it unless you’re standing at a distance. It’s an ornament, at best. Even that is a hefty title, since you’ll rarely see it.

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