SW Jedi Fallen Order Broken Wing Electricity Puzzle Solution

Broken Wing electricity puzzle is one of the challenges in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. You’ll encounter it on Zeffo, in the Broken Wing area. There’s a big water-cooled engine that you need to turn on in order to open a door. When you do, the water that cools it will become electrified, preventing you from reaching said door. This guide will show you how to solve Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Broken Wing electricity puzzle.

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sw jedi fallen order broken wing puzzle electricity water
SW Jedi Fallen Order Broken Wing Electricity Puzzle Solution

How to solve electrified water puzzle in Broken Wing?

When you reach the moat, you’ll see a console and a locked door on the other said. When you tell BD-1 to interact with the console, the engine will start turning and the door will open. However, the water in the moat will become electrified at the same time. If you try to cross it, you’ll die.

The solution is pretty simple. Turn off the power (down on the D-pad), swim across the moat and look for a thick cable on the right, running from the ceiling and into the water. Cut it with your lightsaber. Go back to the console and interact with it. The door will open, and the water will be safe to swim across.

The biggest problem here is the misdirection. You’ll probably see the big spinning cylinder on the left when you power up the engine, and think it has something to do with the puzzle. There’s a cut-out part where you could safely jump while the water is electrified. You might spend a while trying to position it just right so you can use it to cross. If you notice it’s susceptible to time slow, you could also waste some time slowing it down to see if that helps. In the end, it’s just a red herring, and the solution is much more obvious.



  1. M

    The big fan on the side that you can slow or stop has a hidden echo to the left if you stop it so you can jump on it.

  2. J

    This puzzle is crap. Elsewhere in the ship, they have the same type of cable, but indestructible. I have been sitting here for an hour thinking ai can’t of anything to it because of precedence. (I had difficulty with the boss monster, so I walked away from it for a bit.)

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