Jedi Fallen Order Dathomir Jump High Solution

Not sure how to jump across the gap on Dathomir in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order? We’ve got you covered! The brilliant Fallen Order combines action-packed melee gameplay with numerous platforming instances where Cal must use his Force skills to traverse the terrain. However, on Dathomir, he’ll say, “I can’t jump that high”. Why is this so, and how to solve this puzzle? Read on to find out.

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Jedi Fallen Order Dathomir Jump High Solution
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order “I can’t jump that high”

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order “I can’t jump that high” on Dathomir Solution

When you finish with Chapter 1 on Bogano, you will learn that BD-1, the droid you befriend on the planet, is actually holding some top-secret information that can save the Republic and reestablish the Jedi Order. The path further will lead you to two planets. Onboard Mantis, you can choose to go either to Zeffo or Dathomir. This is based on the information you’ve gathered on Bogano. The main quest is on Zeffo, but there’s something mysterious and potentially important that you should check on Dathomir. The game gives you the freedom to choose the next planet, and thus, some players will choose to travel to Dathomir to investigate a side quest instead of continuing the main mission on Zeffo.

However, when you reach Dathomir and deal with some Nightbrothers, you will eventually meet the wacky Wanderer. And right there, you’ll need to jump across a wide gap to the cliff on the other side. Unfortunately, you can’t, and Cal will say, “I can’t jump that high” to BD-1. So, how to solve this “Jedi Fallen Order Dathomir Jump High” puzzle? The solution is simple but also frustrating. Namely, at this point, you can not do this. That’s because you need to acquire the “double jump” ability. And you will only get this Force ability later in the game. Hence, you will need to leave Dathomir and head to Zeffo to continue the main story. It’s a rather frustrating design, as the game gives you an illusion of freedom to seem nonlinear and doesn’t tell you that you are stuck. But, it is what it is.

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