SW Jedi Fallen Order Ilum Crystal Light Puzzle Solution - Jedi Temple

Jedi Temple crystal light puzzle is one of the challenges in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. You’ll find it on Ilum, the snow-encrusted planet, and in order to solve it, you’ll have to melt a huge chunk of ice that’s blocking a door. This can be done by manipulating a beam of light using a crystal that hangs from the ceiling of the chamber. If you’re having trouble figuring out the solution, our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Ilum crystal light puzzle guide will help you.

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sw jedi fallen order ilum crystal light puzzle solution jedi temple
SW Jedi Fallen Order Ilum Crystal Light Puzzle Solution – Jedi Temple

How to melt frozen door with light crystal in Jedi Temple?

When you enter the chamber, you’ll see a giant ice block covering the entire door. Cal will remark how it was already melted once using light. There are two windows in the room – one opposite the ice block, the other to the right of it. Opening either will let a beam of light into the room. You’ll have to use the giant crystal on the ceiling to manipulate those beams into melting the frozen block. The key thing with this puzzle is knowing you can’t move the crystal unless your feet are firmly on the ground, and you can’t move it with force pull – Cal needs to grab the rope with his hands.

Go to the ledge on the right, where one of the windows is. If you look down to the bottom, you’ll see a big metal arc that stretches from the floor to the platforms above. The top part of the arc is used as an anchor for ropes. Use force pull to make it rotate towards you. Turn around and open the window, then tie it to the anchor. Force pull the rope hanging off the crystal, and Cal should grab it. Pull it to the right, and the crystal will move, redirecting the light onto the small block of ice across the room.

Now close the window and force push the anchor to the other side of the room. Swing over there using the rope from the crystal, then tie the crystal to the anchor. Force push the anchor (with the crystal tied to it) back to where it was. Use the small tunnel on the side to get back to the entrance, then open the window opposite the big ice block. The light should hit the crystal, which will redirect it towards the target.



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    I tried the Jedi temple solution but the Crystal is too low to melt the large door

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      Anthony ledford

      I’m having the same issue as bill

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    Theo Bruggeling

    I have the same problem

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      Same problem, what did you finally do?

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