SW Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium Seed Locations - Green Thumb Trophy

Terrarium seeds are collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Once found, a seed will be planted in the terrarium on the Mantis, and you’ll be able to watch it grow. It’s purely cosmetic – something to enjoy on your otherwise gray ship. There are ten of them in total – Featherfern, Kalpi, Dreamwort, Royal Fuzz, Gillypod, Milk Grass, Mushbloom, Bonshyyyr, Bleeding Gut, Mushling – and they can be found across many of the planets in the game. When you collect all of them, you’ll unlock the Green Thumb trophy. This guide is going to show you all Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order terrarium seed locations.

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sw jedi fallen order terrarium seed locations green thumb trophy
SW Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium Seed Locations – Green Thumb Trophy

Featherfern seed

Featherfern grows on Bogano. It’s a high, grassy plant with a purple flower. You’ll find it in the Fractured Plain. Go to the area with the three round holes in the ground. From there, jump across the broken metal bridge and you’ll end up directly in front of the plant.

Kalpi seed location

The Kalpi seed can be found on Bogano. It’s in the Subterranean Refuge. Once you get to the rest point in the big round chamber, look down towards the bottom. You’ll be able to see the hefty stalk in the water, next to a pile of rubble. Interact with it to get the seed.

Dreamwort seed

The Dreamwort seed can be found on Zeffo, at the Crash Site. As you exit the cave where the save point is, head across the water and past the round part of the wreck. You’ll find a tiny yellow flower on the shore near the tower.

Royal Fuzz seed

You can find the Royal Fuzz seed on Zeffo, in the Weathered Monument area. Go to the save point in the valley, then cross the stone bridge and enter the cave. Follow the path across the pipes and out onto the ledge. Immediately turn left and follow the path to the chest surrounded by purple flowers. There’s one that’s lighter than the rest – it’s the one with the seed.

Gillypod seed location

You can find the Gillypod seed on Zeffo. It grows in the Windswept Ruins, atop a stone column near the save point. Use the hot air blasting from the floor to get on top of the pillar, then scan the red flower to get the seed.

Milk Grass seed location

The Milk Grass seed comes from a big, verdant plant that grows on Kashyyyk. You’ll find it in the Gloomroot Hollow area. Coming from the rest spot, when you leave the cave with the fireflies, you’ll end up on a path littered with carnivorous plant traps. Turn left as soon as you can, and climb onto the ledge on the left. Turn around and you’ll see the plant, clear as day.

Mushbloom seed

Mushbloom can be found on Kashyyyk, in the Origin Tree area. When you get to the save point, climb up the ledge and head below the stone ramp – you’ll see a lung plant in the distance. The seed can be harvested from the base of the plant.

Bonshyyyr seed

The Bonshyyyr seed is located on Kashyyyk (no surprise there). You can get it from the Imperial Refinery. It’s right next to the meditation spot on the terrace where you find a group of storm troopers fighting giant spiders. The flower with the seed is on the plateau where the battle is taking place, and it’s pretty small, so keep your eyes peeled.

Bleeding Gut seet location

You can find the Bleeding Gut seed on Dathomir, in the Swamp of Sacrifice. When you get to the save point, jump off the cliff to the bottom, and go to the red vine. Follow the path past it until you see a big dark red flower in the corner. That’s where you’ll get the seed.

Mushling seed

The Mushling seed can be found on Dathomir. It’s at the bottom of the Swamp of Sacrifice, in the area where the Undead Nightsisters spawn from the ham-like pods on the great tree. The plant can be found at the base of the cliff by the tree.

How long does it take for seeds to grow?

After you collect a seed, go back to the Mantis and it will be planted automatically. Seeds take time to grow, but it’s unclear how long exactly you need to wait for the seed to turn into a stalk, then a fully grown plant. Some say it’s about 5 hours, others claim it has to do with the number of missions or travels you undertake. It probably isn’t tied to missions, since you can grow them even after you’ve completed pretty much everything.