Star Wars Outlaws Release Date Announced in a New Story Trailer

Ubisoft released a new story trailer for Star Wars Outlaws and used this opportunity to announce the exact date they expect to release the game. Star Wars Outlaws release date is on August 30th, 2024. You will be able to play three days early if you pre-order gold or ultimate editions of the game, which has become something that Ubisoft has been doing regularly with new releases lately. Pre-orders are available now at the Ubisoft store, Playstation store and Xbox Store.

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Star Wars Outlaws Release Date Announced in a New Story Trailer

Star Wars Outlaws Pre-Order and Gold Edition Bonuses

There are three versions of the game you can buy for each platform and they all come with different price and increasing amount of things you’ll get. If you pre-order Star Wars Outlaws, no matter the edition you purchase, you’ll get The Kessel Runner Bonus Pack. This contains a cosmetic for your speeder and Trailblazer spaceship. Preordering the standard edition costs $69.99. If you go a tier higher you’ll get a season pass that includes two DLCs that’ll come out at a later date as well as Jabba’s Gambit exclusive mission at launch and the Kessel Runner Character pack, which is a cosmetic for you character. Gold edition also provides the most important perk and that is 3 day early access to the game. Gold edition of Star Wars Outlaws will set you back $109.99.

Star Wars Outlaws Ultimate Edition Bonus

star wars outlaws ultimate edition bonus items

Ultimate edition of Star Wars Outlaws lets you play 3 days early and gives you the same season pass and character cosmetics as the gold edition. For $129.99 you’ll get another cosmetic pack called Sabacc Shark Bundle. There’s also a Rogue Infiltrator Bundle to be had in the Ultimate edition and a digital art book.

The real cool thing is that you can get Ubisoft+ subscription for something like $17.99 per month. This will let you experience the game 3 days early and see all the things in the ultimate edition and if you don’t care about the game after one month of subscription you can just cancel. The bad thing is that if you want to keep the game for longer than that then you’ll have to purchase it for a full price or wait for a discount.

Story Trailer

All of this was basically revealed at the end of the story trailer Ubisoft released on Youtube. In it you can find out more about Kay Vess, main character of the game, and her companion Nix. Kay is a scoundrel of Han Solo variety and adventures through the Outer Rim in constant odds with various underworld elements, all the while having to be careful not to cross the Empire or the Rebels. Her adventures lead her to recruiting a crew and trying to pull of an ultimate heist.

All of that sounds fun and engaging and I hope the finished product will justify a premium price.

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