Star Wars Squadrons HOTAS Joystick Mapping Controls

Star Wars Squadrons, like any decent fliyng game, supports the use of a HOTAS joystick. If you’re familiar with flight sticks, you probably have a preferred control scheme you’re already used to using. However, many folks are going to be using one for the first time, and they’re going to have to go through the hell that is mapping customization and tuning. This guide will going to make things easier by showing you a good starting Star Wars Squadrons HOTAS joystick mapping scheme.

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star wars squadrons hotas joystick mapping controls
Star Wars Squadrons HOTAS Joystick Mapping Controls

Flight stick controls in Star Wars Squadrons

If this is your first time using a flight stick, keep in mind you’re going to have to customize the control scheme quite a bit. It’s a highly personal affair, and what works best depends on what you’re most comfortable with. With that in mind, here’s the HOTAS mapping suggested by the game’s developers:

Joystick Y-AxisPitch control
Joystick X-AxisYaw control
Joystick Z-AxisRoll
JOY 1Fire primary weapon
JOY 3Fire auxiliary weapon 1
JOY 4Fire auxiliary weapon 2
JOY 6Countermeasure
Throttle InputThrottle control
JOY 9Boost/drift
JOY 5Cycle targets/target highest threat
JOY 2Select target ahead
JOY 10Targeting menu
JOY 8Ping/acknowledge ping/comm menu
JOY 1Contextual interaction
POV WestIncrease engines power
POV NorthIncrease weapons power
POV EastIncrease shields power
POV SouthBalance power
JOY 11Menu
JOY 7Radial menu for shield focus/emergency power converter

HOTAS shutting off on Xbox

Some players have been complaining about their flight stick turning off while running the game. It works fine until it just stops. It sems to be connected with the Xbox gamepad. While the gamepad is on, everything works fine. As soon as the gamepad goes into sleep mode, since it’s not being used, the stick stops responding as well.

The easiest solution would be to plug the gamepad into the console using the charging cable. It’s a bit problematic if you’re relying on it for voice chat, but if you’re not, you can just plug it in and leave it by the console.

Thanks to Reddit users PunkRockRabbit and Captain_Kiwi for the images.

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