Starfield Aceles or Microbe, A Legacy Forged

Starfield has several factions that you can join. Once you have done so, you will be able to take on various faction-exclusive missions. The “A Legacy Forged” is the last quest in the United Colonies Vanguard faction questline. During this mission, you are going to need to decide on how to deal with the Terrormorph threat. You can either take care of this with the Microbes virus or by using the Aceles. Though, there are consequences for both of these that you need to be aware of before you make the choice that is best for you and the character you are role-playing as. So here’s what will happen if you select Aceles or Microbe in the Starfield quest A Legacy Forged. Naturally, spoilers abound.

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Starfield Aceles or Microbe, A Legacy Forged
Starfield Aceles or Microbe, A Legacy Forged

Starfield A Legacy Forged, Should You Choose Aceles or Microbe

Basically, this is a choice that is very similar to the Genophage in Mass Effect. Whatever you choose has different ramifications, and the case could be made for either choice to be the right one. So which should you go for here? Well, both will lead to the same outcome – the Terrormorphs are going to be eliminated. But they do so in completely different ways. Breeding the Aceles can be considered the more safe and slower method, while releasing the Microbes is both faster, but also far more risky.

Naturally, your companions have something to say about this. Barrett and Sarah Morgan are going to be in favor of the Microbes, which they consider the better option. On the other hand, Andreja and Sam Coe will prefer the Aceles, since they think that the Mircrobes are much too dangerous. At the end of the game, you will see that the Terrormorphs are now extinct. So simply choose whichever option you think suits you and your role-play preferences the best, and don’t worry too much – there won’t be any major consequences regardless of what you select.

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