How to Beat Terrormorphs in Starfield, Best Strategy & Weak Spots

If you don’t know how to beat Terrormorphs in Starfield, we’ll give you all the info that you need. Terrormorphs are strange alien creatures that appear on planets colonized by humans. Aside from being utterly terrifying and mysterious, these monstrosities are also hard enemies to beat. In this guide, we provide the best strategy on how to defeat Terrormorphs, including its weak spots and the best gear to use.

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Starfield How to Beat Terrormorphs, Best Strategy & Weak Spots

How to Beat Terrormorphs in Starfield, Best Strategy & Weak Spots

Starfield is a Bethesda RPG through and through, boasting a massive universe full of unique quests and various locations to explore. However, exploring the vast open spaces of our universe can be rather scary. Hence, Starfield oftentimes slides into a horror territory. For example, with a quest where you need to investigate a research lab on Kreet or complete the Grunt Work quest in the Tau Gourmet Production Center on Tau Ceti II. And in both of these cases, you’ll have to beat Terrormorphs.

These hair-raising, nasty little buggers are rather tough to defeat. It will be much easier on Tau Ceti II, as you’ll have turrets on your side. However, when you are alone in the dark (literally), you’ll have to show your prowess. So, what’s the best strategy to beat Terrormorphs in Starfield? Based on our experience and encounters with them, here’s what works best:

  • They are really tanky and can take a lot of damage. Get ready for a long fight and have a lot of ammo.
  • Use the Jetpack or the moon’s/planet’s low gravity to manoeuvre around them and avoid their hits.
  • They are, in general, weak to any kind of radiation damage. If you have a source of radiation damage, use it against them.
  • If you can, try to fight Terrormorphs in open spaces where you can run around them rather than in confined areas.
  • Some players claim that they have a weak spot on their back. At the moment, we cannot confirm this, but it’s worth mentioning.
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