Best Starfield Build Planner & Character Calculator

If you are looking for the best Starfield build planner to use, we have a perfect recommendation for you. Five years since the game’s announcement, Bethesda’s next-gen epic space exploration RPG is finally here. And it comes with an extensive character customisation system, which offers countless builds to suit your playstyle. In order to find the perfect build for you, check out this Starfield Character Calculator tool.

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Best Starfield Build Planner & Character Calculator

Best Starfield Character Calculator and Build Planner

Creating a new character in a game you’re playing for the first time can be a rather daunting task. Especially if the game offers an exhaustingly big amount of options to customize your character build. And given that Starfield is a game that can net you over 150 hours of content in a single playthrough, making sure that you’ve made the right build at the start is essential. And the best way to calculate that perfect build is via some high-quality third-party Character Calculator tool. Hence, if you are looking for the best Starfield Build Planner, we currently recommend the one created by Nukes Dragons. Their Starfield Build Planner looks slick, it’s easy to use, and it already contains all skills and backgrounds ahead of the game’s release.

What we especially love about this is its presentation. The design is nice and clean, easy to use and look at. All the important information is presented systematically and you know exactly where you need to click in order to get more info or change your decisions. Skills are grouped thematically, and you can even pick their rank! In this Starfield Build Planner, you can also see all of the available backgrounds and choose one that suits you. Finally, you can also see all of the available traits and launch and choose three which suit you playstyle. Have fun exploring all the builds!

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