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During character creation in Starfield, one of the available options is the Trait system. This allows you to pick several Traits (up to three) that are going to further define your character. Each Trait has positive as well as negative effects, so it’s important to know which ones are the most useful, and which ones you can safely skip. This is an entirely optional part of character creation, but if you use it wisely, you can make your character significantly more powerful. Here are the best starting Traits in Starfield, and why you should pick them.

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Starfield Best Starting Traits
Starfield Best Traits at Start

Starfield Best Traits at Start

While you can select up to three Traits at the beginning of the game, there are some that cannot be combined. For example, you can’t be both Introverted and Extroverted at the same time. And now, let’s see the starting Traits that are available, starting with the Religion Traits. This is divided into three mutually-exclusive Traits: Raised Enlightened, Raised Universal, and Serpent’s Embrace. If you select Raised Enlightened or Raised Universal, you will be alligned with one of these factions from the very start, and you will likewise gain access to a special chest full of goodies at the House of the Enlightened / Sanctum Universum. The Serpent’s Embrace works a bit differently, since it requires that you make regular Grav Jumps, which give you increased HP and endurance. But if you don’t Grav Jump regularly, you’ll incur a penalty to these.

Faction Traits, which consist of Freestar Collective Settler, Neon Street Rat, and United Colonies Native, work in much the same way. If you pick any of these, you’ll get special rewards and dialogue options when dealing with members of that faction, and the other factions will like you less. Next, Alien DNA. A great starting Trait, it provides a boost to your HP and Endurance, though the trade-off is that your healing items will be less effective.

Kid Stuff is another excellent choice, at least when it comes to role-playing. If you select it, your parents are going to be alive and you will be able to visit their home on New Atlantis. In exchange, you’ll get 2% less money. Depending on if you want to travel alone or with a team, Intovert and Extrover can also be good starting Traits in SF. Introvert will increase your Endurance when traveling alone, while you will get a penalty to it when you’re with a group. Extrovert has the opposite effect. If you want to start off with a house, then Dream Home could be the right Trait for you. The only downside is that you’ll owe 50k Credits to the GalBank.

So which starting Traits are the best ones to pick in Starfield? All in all, since there are three starting Traits that you can select for your character, our recommendation would be to pick one of the Religion ones, one of the Faction ones, and for the third choice – one that best fits with your role-playing style. Since so many RPGs assume that you don’t have parents, Kid Stuff is such a nice change to that tired formula, and one we feel will really enhance RP in Starfield. But Introvert and Extrovert are likewise very solid choices. And if you don’t like a Trait, don’t worry, as the devs have made it clear that you will be able to remove the Trait later on.

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