Can You Level Up Companions in Starfield

Is it possible to level up your companions in Starfield? The long-awaited space-exploring RPG is finally here, and there’s a lot to unpack. We’ve already seen glimpses of the character progression system in the Starfield Deep Dive presentation. Players will be able to level up, upgrade their perks, and rank up their skills. However, what about your companions? Read on as we explain what we know about changing the perks and skills of your crew members in Starfield.

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Can You Level Up Companions in Starfield

Can Companions Level Up in Starfield?

Recently, Bethesda has revealed that, at launch, Starfield will boast over 20 “named” companions. As stated by developers, the game will have a significantly bigger focus on your companions and their narratives, both in terms of their personal stories, as well as in terms of the overarching story and their place in that world. These fully-fledged companions will have their agendas, backstories, opinions, attitudes, personal quests, and so on. Naturally, they will also have their gameplay roles. From what they do aboard your ship to what they are capable on combat and other gameplay situations. However, how much freedom will you have in shaping out their builds once they join your crew? Will you be able to level up your companions in Starfield? Here’s what we know.

We know that our player character will be able to level up, upgrade stats and perks, and rank up their skills. What about companions? In a recent Questions and Answers session, the developers have shed some light on this very question. And, unfortunately, it has been confirmed that companions don’t level up. Emil Pagliarulo, Studio Design Director, said: “They don’t level up, but they come at different ranks, depending on the companion. Well, we call them Skills in Starfield. And they do stack with yours, when relevant. Some are there for flavor, to highlight the companions’ backgrounds and interests. But you’ll really feel the benefit of the ship- and combat-related ones. Getting a boost to your shields, or seeing your companion laying down fire with a weapon they’re proficient in, are pretty sweet moments.”

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