Starfield First Contact Mission, Settle, Grav Drive, Blow up Reactor

In our Starfield First Contact Mission guide, we explain every First Contact option and outcome in Starfield. Should you take the settlement deal, buy a Grav Drive so they can settle elsewhere, or make their ship go away by blowing up the reactor?

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Starfield First Contact Mission, Settle, Grav Drive, Blow up Reactor
Starfield First Contact Mission, Settle, Grav Drive, Blow up Reactor

Starfield First Contact Mission, Choose Settlement Deal, Buy a Grav Drive, or Blow up Reactor

The universe in Starfield is absolutely massive, and there will be countless interesting mini-stories you’ll stumble upon while exploring the galaxy. While in orbit over Porrima II in the Porrima system, you’ll learn about a strange, unidentified ship. As it turns out, this ship has a crew that has been living there for generations, believing they are the only humans left in the galaxy. However, now they have learned the truth. With the new perspective, they will want to settle in the Paradiso resort on Porrima II. They will ask you for help and send you to negotiate with their CEO, Oliver. Upon learning that the ship is filled with colonists, they’ll give you three options. Let’s check out all of them.

Choose to Take the Settlement Deal in Starfield First Contact Mission

If you pick this option, you’ll return to Captain Brackenridge and explain that they can settle on the planet, but they will have to work for free until they pay off for the luxury of being allowed to live on the planet. It’s not ideal, but it’s probably the best option for them. However, it will be your responsibility to collect and bring the required resources for this venture. You’ll need to deliver 10 Lithium, 80 Iron, 20 Sealand, and 40 Fibers.

Choose to Buy a Grav Drive so They Can Settle Elsewhere in Starfield First Contact Mission

The second best option is to acquire a Grav Drive for the colonists and convince them that the best thing they can do is to visit another system and try their luck elsewhere. This is a decent option, as they might find a better life in another system. However, you’ll need to pay a lot for this one, as it is expected of you to find a Grav Drive for them. You can buy a Grav Drive from an NPC named Bennu in a local shop. He’ll initially ask for 40,000 credits, quite a hefty sum. However, if you can try to persuade him to sell it for “only” 25,000 credits. It’s still quite a lot, but at least it’s not 40k.

Make the Ship go Away and Blow up Reactor in Starfield First Contact Mission

Finally, if you are role-playing a cold-blooded sadist, you might as well blow them up. This Starfield First Contact mission option has you “Make the Ship Go Away”. This is, of course, an euphemism for destroying the ship and killing everyone on it. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Head to the engineering bay.
  • Pickpocket the chief engineer to acquire a key leading to the three terminals in the engineering bay.
  • First terminal: Turbopump – Port
  • Second terminal: Plasma Run-off Inhibiter – Adjust to 5% power
  • Third terminal: Magnetic Flange Pipe Enclosures – Decouple
  • Hack the control system on the Bridge.
  • Select Emergency Reactor Overdrive.
  • Choose “Confirm Request”
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