Starfield Fleet of Ships

Being a game set in space, we know that space ships are going to play a large role in Starfield. You will be able to fly them, and own several different space vessels that you will gain over the course of the game. Of course, this opens up the question of whether or not it is possible to have your very own fleet of ships in Starfield. We are going to try and answer that very question right here.

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Starfield Fleet of Ships
Starfield Fleet of Ships

Can you Create Fleets in Starfield?

As the game isn’t out yet, we can’t say this for sure. But going by all of the available information that has been released so far, our guess would be that this isn’t going to be an option. Don’t forget that we couldn’t ride dragons in Skyrim until the Dragonborn expansion came out. So even if this option isn’t in the game at launch, there’s always the hope that it is going to be added to the game at a later date. Especially if there is enough fan demand for such a feature. And let’s not forget modding. Bethesda games boast some of the most vibrant modding scenes in all of videogaming, so it’s quite possible that a mod that adds fleets into the game is going to be made.

Also, there is always a chance that we are going to be able to participate as part of a fleet, taking place in large-scale battles. Again, similar to how certain quests in Skyrim unfolded. In any case, we are going to be able to find out if this is possible or not in just a few short days.

Can You Join Crimson Fleet in Starfield

Yes, it has been confirmed that players will be able to join the Crimson Fleet faction as a member.

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