How to Mine Helium 3 Starfield Harvest He-3

It seems that some players are having trouble figuring put how to mine and harvest Helium 3 in Starfield, also known as He-3. In fact, other gasses can be a problem as well. After all, you can’t just bust out the Cutter and shear of chunks of gas. What are you supposed to do? The answer is actually simpler than you might think. Here’s how to get Helium-3 in Starfield

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how to mine helium 3 starfield harvest he-3
How to Harvest Helium 3 Starfield

How to Mine Helium 3 Starfield

There are two ways to mine and harvest Helium 3 in Starfield, or He-3. The first one is to just approach a deposit outside of the Scanner mode and press either E on keyboard or A on the controller. Yup, all you have to do is interact with the deposit. Your character will basically grab a bit of gas in a container (don’t ask how, it’s the future, shut up), and you’re done. This, by the way, is how you gather gasses in general, as well as gather larger resources without the Cutter. Just be careful when getting resources this way, since they can be toxic sometimes. The other way, which is proper mining, is to build an outpost and bring out a resource extractor. Place it onto the deposit you’ve found using the Scanner and let it work its magic.

And there you go, that’s how yo harvest and mine Helium 3, aka He-3, in Starfield. Now, you might be wondering whether it’s even an important resource. Should you even waste your time on it? You know the answer to this; every material is important for something. Helium-3 in particular, you need it for Cargo Link – Inter-System. What this does is allow you to link two outposts and transfer goods between them. As you can probably guess, this can be extremely useful. Granted, it’ll be a while before you’re at the point where it becomes an absolute necessity, but you’ll want to have some Helium-3 at the ready. And don’t forget: you use the same method to gather other gasses like Neon, as well as large deposits of minerals.

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