Starfield Housing Explained

If there’s one thing that Bethesda’s games are known for – it’s their freedom to play the character you want in your own way. This applies not just to your general playstyle, skills, and gear, but also where your character lives. To help better immerse you into their vast open worlds, their games also allow you to have your very own property – usually in the form of a house. Naturally, Starfield is no different in this regard, and it has been confirmed that housing is also going to play a part in your character’s story. If you are wondering how this system is going to work, we have compiled all of the relevant information regarding it in our Starfield Housing Explained guide.

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Starfield Housing Explained
Starfield Housing Explained

How Does Housing Work in Starfield

While the game isn’t yet out, housing is one of the things that have definitely been confirmed in SF. In a recent Starfield Q&A on Discord, Lead Quest Designer Will Shen had this to say: “Yep! There’s housing in different cities that the player can get. Some you have to purchase and some are rewards for specific quests.” Additionally, Design Director expanded even more on the topic: “Sure can! You can purchase a dwelling in all the major cities in the game. And there’s at least one that you get specifically for completing… something.”

So there you have it, you are going to be able to buy a dwelling in every one of the major cities in the game. And since Starfield is a science-fiction game, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that it is going to be a house. And best of all, if you are not in the mood to spend your hard-earned money on a dwelling, there’s also going to be a quest (possibly more than one) in which you are going to get rewarded with housing. We can’t wait to see what all the housing looks like in the game.

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