Starfield How Many Companions Can You Recruit?

After five years of waiting, Starfield is finally here! The highly-anticipated space exploration is just around the corner, and developers are sharing new details every day. Given that this is one of the first Bethesda games with proper companions, many players are wondering how many companions you will be able to recruit in Starfield. Read on as we share all you need to know.

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Starfield How Many Companions Can You Recruit?
Total Number of Companions in Starfield

How Many Companions Can You Recruit in Starfield?

While vast and rich with content to explore, Bethesda RPGs were never particularly known for good companion characters. In fact, Elder Scrolls and Fallout games are primarily solo adventures, not party-based games. Sure, you were able to have temporary companions or some basic mercenaries to aid you in battles. However, Bethesda games never had properly fleshed-out companions, with their backstories, quest lines, agendas, opinions and relationships with other members of your party.

Well, that’s about to change in Starfield. The companions of Starfield will be a core part of the experience, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of story. In total, there are over 20 named characters who can join your crew. Sure, you will be able to add some other characters that don’t have fleshed-out lore, but these named characters are the real deal.

“Four of them are from Constellation and have the most story and interaction with the player. However, all of the named characters have their own backgrounds and can follow you around. And carry your stuff,” says Will Shen, Lead Quest Designer on Starfield. Emil Pagliarulo, Studio Design Director, added that they “really wanted to tie them directly to the main quest”. Pagliarulo added that there will be a lot of really big moments with these main characters. Many on a personal level, but also many with a big impact on the story and the world as a whole.

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