Persuade Brogan in Starfield, What Dialogue to Pick

If you want to know how to successfully persuade Brogan in Starfield, we’ve got you covered! Starfield is finally here, and it comes with a bunch of systems and minigames. And while on the one hand, that’s great for variety, on the other, not many of them are particularly well explained. In this guide, we explain how does persuasion work in Starfield and which answers to choose in the dialogue with Brogan.

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How to Persuade Brogan in Starfield
Starfield Dialogue Persuasion System Explained

How Does Persuasion Work in Starfield?

Before we jump to the dialogue options with Brogan, the Pirate, let’s first take a quick overview of how the Persuasion System works in Starfield. The Persuasion system in Starfield allows players to talk their way out of tough situations, acquire information with their silver tongue, and, in general, make their way through the galaxy with words rather than guns. Each Persuasion game has a set number of bars that you need to fill in for a successful persuasion. These bars are located at the lower left corner of the dialogue box.

The minigame will kick off when you pick up the Persuade option in a dialogue. In each turn, you’ll be presented with a couple of dialogue options. Each option has a number next to it. These numbers indicate how many points (filled bars) you will get if you are successful with that pick. However, the more points an option brings, the harder it will be to succeed. This is indicated by colours – green ones are the most likely ones to work, orange options offer the best risk-reward balance, and the red ones bring the largest amount of points, but they have a low success rate. Your goal is to collect enough points (filled bars) before the number of turns reaches zero.

How to Persuade Brogan in Starfield

Now that we know how this system works, let’s see what you need to do in order to persuade Brogan in Starfield. One of the things you need to pay attention to is what a specific NPC says, and the way he reacts about the thing you say. If you listen carefully, you’ll be able to pick the right options. In the case of Brogan’s persuasion options, you’ll need to follow through Vasco’s story that there’s nothing of value on The Frontier. Hence, pick up the options in this order:

  1. You have it wrong. Constellation is an explorer’s group. They aren’t treasure hunters. +1
  2. The ship doesn’t have anything on it. You’re chasing a fairy tale. +1
  3. Hey, if you want to trade ships, that sounds good to me. The Frontier creaks when it turns anyway. +3

While not guaranteed success, this is the best and safest order of persuasion dialogue options to pick in order to persuade Brogan. It will net you 5 points, and you’ll need to pass two green checks and one orange check.

How to Improve Starfield Persuasion

While the success of persuasion roles is ultimately random, you can improve your odds by unlocking and ranking up the Persuasion Skill. The basic skill adds a 10% bonus to Persuasion checks, up to a 50% bonus at Rank 4. In addition, drinking some alcohol in Starfield also gives buffs to persuasion checks. Finally, Hippolyta and Paramour are the chems that grant you a temporary bonus to Persuasion.

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