Starfield Loot Ships

Figuring out how to loot ships in Starfield, including enemy ships, can be pretty important. After all, space in the future is full of shipwrecks just floating around, ripe for the picking. Heck, some of them you might have created yourself, if you catch my drift. It’s a crying shame to leave all that stuff just out in the open when you can make good use of it. Whether you gather parts to repair your ship or pick up something valuable that you can resell, it could be worth your time. So, let’s find out how this mechanic works.

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starfield loot ships
Starfield Loot Ships

How to Loot Ships in Starfield

To loot ships in Starfield, you first have to target it by cycling through debris using the A button on the controller or E on the keyboard. Once you have a chunk of ship in your sights as an active target, approach it carefully to within 500 meters. A list will appear, showing you what you can loot. If you want what you find, hit A or E again to collect the stuff instantly.

how to loot ships in starfield
Approach and press A

Important addendum: not every piece of a wrecked ship is going to have something to loot. Ideally, you want to target the remains of the cargo hold for the biggest haul. However, other chunks can also have useful parts that you might want for repairs. So, ideally, you should scan every piece of wreckage you find if you at all can. You’ll never know what you might find.

How to Loot Enemy Ships in Starfield

If you want to loot enemy ships in Starfield, you do have to go through a couple of extra steps. First off, shoot the hostile vessel until you disable their engines. You will know they’re dead in the water when you see the little red ENG icon under the enemy ship’s health bar. Next, approach the ship to about 500 meters (while remaining careful not to get shot at) and dock with them. Board the vessel and eliminate all the hostiles (more info on dockin in our Starfield How to Dock Ship guide). Go back to your ship, undock, and then go through the same steps laid out in the previous section: hit A to target, approach to 500 meters, and loot away to your heart’s content. You can also blow the enemy vessel up instead and not risk your life against the enemy crew. Up to you.

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