Starfield Red Mile Explained

After years of waiting, the long-aticipated release of Starfield is almost here. Made by Bethesda, the same studio responsible for such open-world RPG mega hits as Skyrim and Fallout 4, Starfield has been on the radar of passionate RPG fans all over the world. And, as the game isn’t out yet, players are busy speculating about practically every element of the game, analyzing all of the gameplay footage, developer interviews, and other promotional material released so far. There are mysteries abound, but one of the most intruiging is the Red Mile. What is this place and what is its role in the game’s story? In our Starfield Red Mile Explained guide, we are going to see the most prevailing theories on this curious place and its function in the game.

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Starfield Red Mile Explained
Starfield Red Mile Explained

What is Red Mile in Starfield

Since the game isn’t out, we can’t really be sure yet what the Red Mile actually is. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t clues that we can use to try and deduce its true purpose. Let’s start with the name itself – Red Mile. An ominous title that seems to point towards a race of some kind. Of course, the “red” indicates danger, probably violence as well. Taken at face value, we can assume that this is could be about an obstacle course where only one person can make it to the end and win. If you have ever seen the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “The Running Man”, then you are already familiar with the concept.

Odds are good that we are going to learn about this place from galactic radio stations, or maybe from random NPCs that talk about it. Because of this, it very well could be some violent TV show where the contestants play to eliminate each other until only one player remains. It will be interesting to see if this is a standalone activity, or whether it is tied to a larger quest. In any case, we are going to find out the truth about Red Mile very soon when Starfield is released this September.

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