Starfield Smuggling Cargo System Explained

If you are wondering how does the Smuggling Cargo system work in Starfield, you’ve come to the right place. The long-awaited next-gen Bethesda RPG is finally here. Bethesda promises an epic space exploring adventure with countless planets to explore, mysteries to unravel, and stories to unfold. Of course, what’s space traveling game without some smuggling. In this guide, we explain the Starfield Smuggling Cargo system.

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Starfield Smuggling Cargo Explained
How does smuggling work in Starfield?

Starfield Smuggling Cargo System Explained

Before we proceed, here is a short disclaimer. This article is not a complete explanation of these systems. Rather, it is based on the currently available information gathered from various sources, such as official blog posts and video trailers, interviews, the official Discord server, and more. However, while not complete in its current state, we will make sure to update the article once the game releases and more details become available. Thanks for your understanding meaning.

As we’re inching closer to the release of Starfield, the developers are sharing increasingly more details about various aspects of Bethesda’s next epic RPG. In a recent Questions and Answers session on the official Twitter account, we heard new details about the already known features, as well as confirmation about some other elements that will appear in the game. For example, it was already previously confirmed that we will be able to be space-faring smugglers. And who doesn’t want to do some Han Solo role-playing?

“Certain items are considered “Contraband” and you’ll need to smuggle them past security ships that are in orbit of major settlements,” says Will Shen, Lead Quest Designer on Starfield. Emil Pagliarulo, Studio Design Director, added that there are only specific “Contraband” items that are “pretty much illegal everywhere”. In order to smuggle these items, you’ll need to purchase and incorporate special modules which will allow you to hide these forbidden items.

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