Can You Play Starfield in Third-Person?

If you want to know more about Starfield’s third-person mode, you’ve come to the right place. Five years since its announcement, the highly-anticipated science-fiction, space-exploration RPG is finally here. And in a true Bethesda fashion, it comes filled to the brim with exciting locations to explore. So, is Starfield first-person only? In this guide, we answer the question: “Can Starfield Be Played in Third-Person?”

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Can You Play Starfield in Third-Person?
Starfield Third-Person Explained

Can Starfield Be Played in Third-Person?

So, let’s not beat around the bush here and jump straight to the chase. The answer is yes, you can play Starfield in Third-Person. In fact, this is not some separate mode of play, which you can only play separately from the first-person mode. Rather, you can switch between the first-person and third-person camera seamlessly while playing with a simple press of a button. You can do this at any moment, whenever you wish, without the need to even enter the menu and change the settings.

As a game where most of the combat is done with various guns, first-person mode will be preferred for many players due to being more natural for shooting gameplay. However, playing in the third person is a way to go for exploration and bigger awareness of your surroundings. In addition, Starfield offers an impressive array of customization options for your character. It would be a shame to spend hours fine-tuning your character’s appearance, only not to see them ever again. With the third-person camera, you will be able to look at your character whenever you want.

Bethesda veterans know that switching between first and third-person at will is not a new thing. All Elder Scrolls and Fallout games since Morrowind have the same feature from the get-go. With that said, our “Can You Play Starfield in Third-Person?” guide is completed.

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    It’s really nice that this guide tells you it is possible to change between 1st person and 3rd person with a simple press of a button, my question is, which button??

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