Starfield Transmog System

Transmogrification – usually refered to as Transmog for short – is a system that is present in many contemporary games. Basically, it allows you to change the appearance of your gear – most usually your weapons and armor. Since the visual appeal is such an important factor in video games, it’s no wonder that fans consider this a highly sought-after and requested feature. After all, we all want our characters to look their absolute best, and the Transmog allows us to do exactly that. Which opens up the question of whether Transmog System is available in Starfield, and if it is, how does it work in the game. Here’s everything that we currently know about this in SF.

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Starfield Transmog System
Starfield Transmog System

Starfield Transmog Options

So, is Starfield going to feature a Transmog System? Currently, we simply do not know yet. Though the game is going to come out very soon, and we are going to confirm if it is indeed an option in the game or not. However, our educated guess would have to be that – no, Starfield won’t have Transmogrification options. At least, not at launch. If there is enough fan demand for this feature, it could very well be added to the game in a future DLC expansion. After all, plenty of features that have been requested in Skyrim – such as riding dragons – were then added in its DLCs.

And finally, as this is a Bethesda game, odds are high that this is going to be added to the game in the form of mods. As the old saying goes “Mods will fix it”. So even though it is unlikely that this is going to be among the first batch of mods created for the game (that dubious honor usually goes to sex and bug-fixing mods), it is probable that a Transmog mod of some sort is going to arrive relatively soon.

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