Starfield Tungsten Planets

Planets containing tungsten in Starfield are not common and you need this resource fairly early on in the game. As soon as you start building your outpost, or researching stuff, you’ll be asked to provide this ore. Building a basic iron extractor is a prime example. Immediately, this brings up the question of where to buy tungsten or where to mine it in Starfield. The more you build stuff and want to upgrade your equipment, the more you’ll need it. It can be found on planet surfaces in form of minable nodes. It can also be purchased from vendors. You’ll learn about Starfield tungsten planets and where to buy tungsten.

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Starfield Tungsten Planets

Where to Find Tungsten in Starfield?

You can find tungsten on every planet in Starfield that contains (W) among its resources list. Tungsten symbol in the periodic table is W and Starfield galactic map uses these to abbreviate the elements found on planets. I’ve visited a dozen systems before I figured out that Starfield tungsten planets were waiting at the very beginning of the game. In the Alpha Centauri system, where you go to New Atlantis at the beginning of the main story quest, look for planet Bondar and then go into its orbit. You want to scan the planet from the galactic map interface using R on your keyboard. You’ll then see W among its resources. Land in the lead containing part of the map for higher chance of finding tungsten out in the open. Pluto in our very own Sol system is another good starfield tungsten location.

starfield tungsten planet

Starfield Planets With Tungsten

Here’s a Starfield tungsten planet list ranging from the earliest sources of the ore to some later game locations.

  • Moons Thren and Heilo orbiting the planet Montara in the Cheyenne system – you’ll visit this system as part of the Sam Coe story
  • Titan, orbiting Jupiter and Pluto, the dwarf planet, in the Sol system (hey – that’s home!). Both have lots of Tungsten on the surface.
  • Alpha Centauri system houses the moon Voss that orbits planet Olivas. This is close to aforementioned Bondar in the same system. This system is also where the Constellation HQ is, and therefore a very nice starting point.
  • Altair IV-c in the Altair system.
  • Eridani VII-c in Eirdani system.
  • Jaffa VII-b and Jaffa I in the Jaffa system (lvl 35), they have both titanium and tungsten
  • Freya VII-a (lvl 40), also has copper, tungsten and nickel
  • Heisenberg II in the Heisenberg system (lvl 55) – has copper, lead, tetraflourides as well and temperate climate
  • Decaran III (lvl 60), also has copper, tungsten and nickel
  • Maal VII (lvl 60), also has copper, tungsten and nickel
Where to Find Tungsten in Starfield Map

Where to buy Tungsten in Starfield?

If you can’t bother to find tungsten on planets in Starfield then you can buy it from special vendors that sell ore in major trading hubs. The price for buying one is 16 credits, so it’s pretty cheap. Around 20 pieces are available for purchase per each merchant refresh. There are several planets with major trading hubs. New Atlantis on Jemison in Alpha Centauri system is an obvious choice. Go to the Commercial District area of New Atlantis and enter the UC Distribution Center building to purchase tungsten from Wen Tseng. What I like to do is visit the city of Neon on Volii Alpha in the Volii system. There’s a guy called Saburo Okadigbo there running an almost failed ore store called Mining League and he always has tungsten. Exit the Neon starport and then turn left. You’ll see it right there.

Here’s a list of all places in Starfield where you can buy tungsten.

  • Mining League in Neon City Core on Volii Alpha in the Volii system
  • Jemison Mercantile, found left as you exit the starport, or UC Distribution Center in the commercial district of New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. Try Outland across the distribution center if they don’t have it in stock.
  • UC Exchange in Cydonia on planet Mars in the Sol system
  • Midtown Minerals in Akila City on Akila in the Cheyenne system
  • General Goods on the Key space station orbiting Suvorov in the Kryx system. Accessible only if you’re friendly with the pirates and the Crimson Fleet.
  • There’s a chance you’ll be able to buy tungsten in Starfield from various Trade Authority stores, not kiosks, and general stores in the game. They don’t always have it in stock.
Tungsten price with vendors

How to mine Tungsten?

You can mine low quantities of tungsten in Starfield manually. You can also setup a large mining operation by building tungsten extractors on planets in outpost building mode. To gather a dozen pieces of tungsten just for some crafting and research you want to land on one of the planets mentioned above. Exit your ship and then turn on your scanner (default key (F) on PC). Look for small ore pieces on larger rocks strewn across the landscape. Your scanner will tell you if its tungsten or not. To manually mine tungsten use the cutter weapon. While in scanner mode your cutter should be equipped by default. Press left mouse button to shoot the laser at the ore and once it breaks tungsten should be added to your inventory. People report that mountain and frozen hill biomes have more tungsten ore veins for manual mining.

Scanning skill in Starfield to help with mining

For large scale mining of tungsten on Starfield planets you need to invest a skill point into the Scanning skill in the Science tree. This then unlocks showing tungsten as minable resource on planet surface. Now you land on the planet and build a tungsten extractor. Add a few solar arrays to power it and some storage containers. This will keep mining large quantities of tungsten over time so you never run out. Since a lot of planets with this resource have extreme environments you’ll probably have to acquire the Planetary Habitation skill in tier 4 of science tree to start building.

Issue With Tungsten Not Showing Up

Some players are reporting an issue that tungsten is not showing up for them in Starfield. If you are searching for it on foot then it might take a while before you come across a vein on the surface to mine. The more the resource is rare the smaller is the area it spawns in. There are also less nodes to mine from. Looking at the Starfield screenshot bellow you’ll see what Tungsten ore is supposed to look like on the planet surface. To make sure you land in a tungsten rich area you’ll have to invest a skill point into Scanning in the science tree. This will show tungsten rich areas on the planet resource map. Without it, land in Mountain of Frozen Hills area and this could help find tungsten.

Example of tungsten ore vein in Starfield

Tungsten Item ID

Bethesda game provided for years an in-game console where you can send special commands to the game’s engine and produce various results. Many people use it as a way to activate some sort of cheats. Even the game warns you when you access the console that you might be cheating and that achievements will be disabled. Skips looking for Starfield tungsten planets though. Now that you have been warned by the game and us tungsten item id in Starfield is 0000556B. Press the tilde key on your keyboard ~ to open the Starfield console. You should then type in player.additem 556B 20. This adds 20 pieces of tungsten to your inventory. Change the last number of the command to whatever you want and that much will be added. This might be considered a cheat by the game and your family and friends! You’ve been warned.

starfield tungsten item id
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