Starfield Walking Slow Fix, Character Speed Issue

Movement is one of the core gameplay aspects of most video games. It is especially important for games that feature a lot of exploration and fast-paced combat. Needless to say, Starfield has both of these in spades. And while you can walk in the game, most players will usually run (or jetpack) everywhere they can. After all, you have places to be, enemies to kill, quests to solve, and time is of the essence. You don’t want to waste it by leisurly walking around when you can run. But what if you are suddenly walking slow in Starfield and don’t know what happened to change your character speed and wondering how to fix this speed issue? Luckily, as you’ll see, it is a very easy thing to fix.

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Starfield Walking Slow Issue, Change Character Speed
Starfield Walking Slow Fix, Character Speed Issue

Why Am I Walking Slow in Starfield

You’ve been playing a while, but suddently, your character’s movement speed is down to a snail’s pace and you are stuck walking in Starfield. You’re doubtlessly wondering why is my character walking so slow? Basically, the reason why this is happening is because you turned off auto run – most likely by mistake. This is very easy to do in the middle of playing, especially if you are in the heat of battle, or some other stresful activity, where you need to press several buttons all at once. The solution is to simply press the Caps Lock key (if playing on the PC), which is the default command, and your character will once again run wherevery they go and will no longer be stuck walking really slow in Starfield.

So that’s how you can get your starfield walk speed up to run speed once more. Very easy, once you know where the trick is. We hope that you will have a lot of fun with Starfield now that you can once again run at full speed instead of having to slowly walk.

How to Fix Starfield Character Walking Super Slow

The default setting in Starfield is that you are always running. And if you want to go faster, you can enter into a full-blown sprint by pressing and holding Shift on the PC. However, this consumes your Oxygen, so you won’t be able to sprint endlessly. Think of Oxygen like Stamina in similar games. Though, if you want to sneak, then you will want to move as slowly as you can. So press Caps Lock, and you will begin walking.

The problem here is that Caps Lock is very close to other default keys on the PC (such as Tab and WASD), so you can press it by accident and not know why you are suddenly moving at a snail’s pace. But now you know why this can happen and how easy it is to fix. In the screenshots below, you can see how different running speeds look like in Starfield.

One last reason why your character may be walking super slow in Starfield is due to being overencumbered. Check your inventory to see if that is the case. If it is, you can simply transfer the items and loot that you are currently not using over to your ship’s cargo, or have one of your companions carry those heavy items. Another solution is to invest in the Weight Lifting skill, which is going to help you carry more stuff before you get encumbered. In any case, once you are no longer overencumbered, your Starfield walking speed will no longer be slow and you’ll be able to run fast again.

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