The previous page said the following “Then there’s the Knight’s Family Drive-In, in the far east of the area. It has four parking spaces, an infirmary, an auto shop, a generator, a gate tower, and even a drive-in theatre you can fix up and use to boost your community’s morale. It also has several small expansion slots – one indoor, three outdoor, as well as one large slot. You’ll need 1500 Influence and six survivors to claim it.”
    The image on this page has no listing for a “generator or auto shop”.Whoever is writing guides for this game needs to learn how the game works and what the various bases actually can provide and will provide.
    You see the game for everyone is unique names are never the same the skill points very with every beginning you could have 1 star or 5 stars and I suspect that bases work in a similar way the reason I say I suspect is because I read another guide and it said that the Camp Kelequa comes with a shooting range but my camp doesn’t have the range.

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