Super Mario Odyssey Free DLC Adds Luigi's Balloon World Minigame

Super Mario Odyssey got a new, free DLC update. It adds new outfits and Snapshot mode filters, as well as a whole new minigame, called Luigi’s Balloon World. In the minigame, you either have to hide a balloon for other players to find, or try and seek out balloons that other people have hidden.

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Super Mario Odyssey Free DLC Adds Luigi's Balloon World Minigame
Super Mario Odyssey Free DLC Adds Luigi’s Balloon World Minigame

The new free DLC update for Super Mario Odyssey, announced back in January, is now out. The highlight of the DLC is the new game mode, called Luigi’s Balloon World. It sounds like a pretty fun time, like an online hide-and-seek of sorts. To unlock it, you first have to beat the game after downloading the new update. Then, you’ll be able to find Luigi in every one of the worlds and initiate the minigame.

Here’s how the Luigi’s Balloon World minigame works. Once you find Luigi in the world you’re in, talk to him. Then, you’ll have the choice to either hide a balloon, or attempt to find one that other players have already hidden somewhere in the world. In both cases, you’ll have a set time limit to hide/find the balloon. The more balloons you find, and the more other players fail to find yours, the higher you will climb in the global ranking. So, yeah, other than bragging rights, you don’t get much else by playing the minigame, but it does sound damn fun.

Luigi’s balloon minigame is not the only addition in the free DLC. You’ll also get two new filters for the Snapshot Mode: Neon, which turns everything into a neon sign, and Coin, which pretty much embosses the scene on a golden coin. There’s also three new outfits for you to collect: The Musician Hat and Outfit, Sunshine Shades and Outfit (right out of Mario Sunshine), and Knight Helmet and Armor.

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