Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Seeds Locations

Sand Kingdom Seeds in Super Mario Odyssey are an important item you can find. They are essential in your hunt for Super Mario Odyssey power moons. There’s three of them, and they’re scattered across the map. All three can then be planted in Tosarena Town to grant you the power moons. Because they’re so important, we’ve made our guide on Sand Kingdom seeds locations in Super Mario Odyssey.

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Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Seeds Locations
Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Seeds Locations

Where to Find Sand Kingdom Seeds in Super Mario Odyssey?

There are three locations where you can find seeds in Sand Kingdom. The first one, Plaza Seed, is in Tostarena Town, left of the fountain in the town square. It’s right next to the pots that you’re supposed to plant the seeds in. The second seed location, Ruins Seed, is in the Tostarena Ruins. Go to the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar checkpoint flag. Then, head east, and drop onto the sand. Look around that wall, and you’ll find an alcove, with the seed inside. The third and final one, Seed on the Cliff, is the most difficult to find. Head west from the Tostarena Ruins Entrance, all the way to the place where the map makes an elbow. It’s just below the southwest corner of the Moe-Eye Habitat. Go to the edge of the cliff and look down. You’ll see a small section below where you can drop down. Once you find the seed, head the other way and use the flower to get up to the top of the cliff.

Where do you Plant Seeds in Sand Kingdom?

All three seeds need to be planted in the same location. The place you’re looking for is the yellow-and-green house to the left of the fountain. There are three flower pots. The Plaza Seed goes in the middle pot, the Ruins Seed goes into the pot on the right, and the Seed on the Cliff goes in the left pot. After you plant the seeds, you have to wait for a bit for the plant to grow. Once it does, hit the budding flower with Cappy to open it and receive a Sand Kingdom Power Moon.
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