Earth Seed Locations - Tales Of Arise

One Tales of Arise quest requires you to find and bring back four Earth Seeds, though the quest doesn’t do a good job of explaining the exact locations where you can find these earthseeds. This is part of the Hard Liquor quest, where a Woodcutter Man in Messia 224 will ask you to find 4x earth seeds so that he can brew them into an alcoholic beverage called cillagin. He needs it so that he can stay warm and work during the winter. And, of course, you being heroes, want to help him. In this Earth Seed Locations – Tales Of Arise guide, we will show you exactly where you can find these earthseeds.

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Earth Seed Locations - Tales Of Arise

Tales Of Arise 4x Earth Seed Locations

This quest starts in Messia 224. We’ve marked the location of the Woodcutter Man in the screenshot below. Approach him and begin a conversation. He will tell you about the troubles he’s been having and ask you to help him brew cillagin. To do that, he needs 4x Earth Seeds. This begins the Hard Liquor quest. Luckily, you won’t have to look too far for them, as the Earth Seeds can be found in a nearby location.

Travel to the Ulvhan Grotto. Once inside, your task is to find and battle as many Ropers as you can. This is because they drop Earth Seeds when they die. However, not every Roper will drop an Earth Seed upon defeat, and you may have to battle quite a few of them before you have at least four Earth Seeds in your inventory. Move across this map and battle groups of Ropers until then. When you have done this, all that’s left to do is to return to Messia 224 and give the four Earth Seeds to the Woodcutter Man to complete this Hard Liquor quest.

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