How to Get to Owl Forest - Tales of Arise

In Tales of Arise, one of the side-activities that you can engage in is searching for Owls, and this quest begins in the Owl Forest. But how can you get to this enchanted place and talk with the Owl King and Queen, which will then task you with locating all the wayward Owls and bringing them back to this place? To learn how to accomplish this, keep on reading our How to Get to Owl Forest – Tales of Arise guide. In here, we will explain everything you need to know about getting to this location.

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How to Get to Owl Forest - Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise How to Get to Owl Forest

The road to getting to the Owl Forest begins in the Nevira Snowplains. When you get close enough to a certain location here (we’ve marked in the screenshot below), you will automatically start “The Owl Forest” quest. Go to this small alcove and examine the Owl there. The next thing you know, you will be teleported to the Owl Forest itself. Once you are here, just go straight along the path until you reach the King Owl and Queen Owl. They will give you the task to find all 32 Owls in the gameworld. To return to the forest again, press X for fast travel on the PlayStation and G on the PC. In here, there is a map list “Other”, which allows you to fast travel to the Forest once you’ve been for the first time.

Owls can be found on all maps. It’s very much worth it to collect them, especially if you want to get Rinwell more powerful. She can unlock a special skill which makes her elemental attack power stronger the more Owls you’ve collected. Whenever Hootle chimes in on a map, that means that there’s an Owl nearby, so stop and have a look around to find it.

where to find the entrance to the owl forest
You can enter the Owl Forest in this location in the Nevira Snowplains.
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